My Daily Photography #2 - The Caterpillar and The Ant Crowd

in macrophotography •  last year 

"The Caterpillar"

Hi Steemians
Today I want to share the photos of the caterpillars I found. And this is the picture. I hope you guys like it and can give some suggestions for my photo.



"Original Photo"

Photoshop express
Oppo Neo 5

Thank's for visiting and follow @iskandar05. Vote if you like it and please give your opinion about this photos. See you next time (^_^)

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Foto yang indah


Thanksnfor your respons..!!
I hope you can visited to other my post and give some your opinion..

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Nice shots dude! I liked them!


Thanks... @manurodriguez..!!!
I hope u can visited my other post and give me some your opinion...!!!? 😁😳

Spikey! What kind of caterpillar is that?


I don't know what kind of the caterpilar...!!! I just take shoot some photo the caterpilar...
Becausw that is my hoby...!!! 😳

Wow you do make really nice picture. I must say I am more in favour of the coloured one but the black and white version is also very nice. Maby it would be nice if you could tell us what kinda butterfly it will become to be. Or maby finding some butterflies for your next shoot. Thanx for sharing.