Macrophotography black beetle

in macrophotography •  last month


This is the second time I have met an wood beetles and I take a picture in a few guesses of the of macrophotography and color black with a little shiny making these small insects look very attractive when they are in a picture of macrophotography.


I got a picture of this little beetle macrophotography on a mango tree trunk in a coconut plantation area of ​​farmers in the area I live in,I took this picture during the day.


This the photography of my work today, hopefully you can enjoy the result smartphone macrophotography the all works @Deltasteem.

Thank you for visiting my macrophotography page.

Smartphone xiomi note 4 camera + 45mm Nikon L810 Macro lens modified for smartphones.

Speed of shooting 1 / 3 . f / 2.0 3.57mm

ISO auto

Use the Snapseed application.

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