MacroHard: We Will Code On Steem With Swag, Adjusting The World Positively From A Small Hub In The Nooks And Crannies Of The Philippines.

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If Bill Gates wore our shoes, will there be Microsoft? 

Well, doubt it. 
Yes, you; doubt it very much!

Because perhaps the more salient of questions is, "did we have shoes?" 

Or, "the very sole of our feet?"; are those what you have considered "shoes" in our case? Hahaha.

Well, if you stubbornly say; "yes, those are shoes", and you go ahead thinking we will cut those out too, after everything that has been cut out in our case and lose "every dignity" left, giving out even our feet, so that Bill Gates can have to try out our shoes as well, "you are particularly kidding". Hahaha, you are an adult but you are kidding this time. 

"No beefs" involved, "no comparisons", "no contest"; we are on the High Road:

If Bill Gates made Microsoft; we make MacroHard.

No "True Lies" Involved Either

In the particular world that we are in, "there is no nothing".

Hahaha, there are "no hugs" in the places we are from and after two lost decades, in the scarcest event that you are shown good-samaritan-ness and thrown a fluffy-less, emotionless "pillow" to hug and you can't even hug this pillow to the fullest because minutes later, you are awaken by your chokes, gagging out of your laborious dream because in the two minutes of half-sleep that you are allowed to gather, instead of some cute-looking burgers, you are served a meal of giant bread and "bread being the ultimate", for never being "a daily", you haste about ransacking this giant bread and managed to wake alive to half your pillow.

Hahaha, no hugs, no daily bread, no pillow! "No nothing!"

Well, i didn't mean bread per say. Whatever constitutes "bread" however, they have cut out the supply, with sole desire being to, "cut off the entirety of your dignity", leaving you with no rights altogether. 

Free air becomes "two gulps for one gasp". Sprinkle some "donkey life" on that and you are left so half-human.

Now, can half-humans be/become "developed"? Or is "half-human" really why, the world tends to call them (half-humans) "developing"? 

Hahaha, the right question is; "can half-humans be/become developed?" and the hardcore-unbent answer is; "SO YES" because "not a soul is developed afterall", for whatever heights we attain, it has simply been "a blessing".

We are mere dust.

No blames! The world is still very novice. 

Now the logic is: "If you are part of the world that stays novice, you are very privileged. However, if you get to know of the very rare-knowledge that the world has kept on novice about and you will know for an indestructible fact, that whatever heights you attain, "you have been privileged".

So remove what's in your head; "Microsoft wasn't solely of your making". You were simply blessed. 
And Mark, before you throw the next Berg at people, Zuck-ing them out of their struggling-to-run dreams, think 3 times, for you were also blessed. 
Same applies to MacroHard, wherever it reaches.


MacroHard will constitute many grand things. It will represent beautiful disruption. 
And if we are thrown stones, we will chew dem "stones" into fine, pollution-less 1/0 dust and spread these "beauty" back into the nations, adjust the world positively from the nooks and crannies of our wooden houses. 
Hahaha, we aren't coding from glass houses; "beautiful disruption" all the way.

Among other things, MacroHard will certainly constitute of a physical location or hub in Manila, from were we will accomplish world adjustment gradually, by means of steem. 

We will code with swag on Steem.

There will be right kind of table and concerted great minds, handpicked from best version of humans and we will disrupt the concept and existence of "developing or developed nations"; and nullify the very existence of the notion, by simplifying nations into "a representation of locations", bringing about world renown steem-based apps to life, to attain breakthrough milestones with regards to solving real-world challenges.

The world can't fix many challenges but not that they don't want to. 
Well, you will have to know that these challenges exist first and i tell you, the world is still very novice when it comes to the existence/gravity/expanse of tons of challenges as many answers have kept on, in hands of the illiterate. "No books" involved!
Plus, "finger in the fire" is a different concept from "Mr Fire is hot".

MacroHard will thus, constitute of a curriculum, that applies coding/programming in new ways by exploring the full beauty of the steem blockchain, while exhausting full knowledge of the "truest state of the world"

More than ever, the steem blockchain (a decentralized public ledger used by a different parts of the world) keeps revealing the "truest state of the world" and we will apply this knowledge combined with raw, unadulterated data from the "school of life" in each of our steem-based innovation.

We are privilege to be in the steem-era

Accomplishing What We Represent, Will Need Hands And Fingers

We will introduce as many developers/coders as possible to the steem blockchain. Since the first hub will be located in the Philippines, we will start the process offline here.

We already have one product, a steem-based website resulting from the MacroHard movement and the process of inviting non-steemian coders to steemit has began.  

Together, we will tunnel into the full beauty of the steem blockchain, from the stand point of "the streets". We will create an un-circumventable movement; "stars with glitter-tentacles" and create valuable attention which will gradually branch out to other nations (locations). 

Overall, we are starting this movement in nations that the world tend to call "developing"; then, proceeding on and on and on all positively, till any disparity between developing and developed, is made negligible by virtue of the disruptive beauty that we will manage to create, "coding with more swag".

Yes, we will code with swag.
  • We will teach as much possible, "each one who expresses interest", to code for steem.
  • We will remove all barriers to entry; teaching coding/programming for free.
  • We will spark interest in coding in about everyone.
  • We will gather constantly to analyze world-issues and we will combobulate steem-based innovations to solve these issues. 
  • We will constantly shell out engaging tutorials related to coding, to empower as many gateways to the steem blockchain but moreso, to empower as many humans as reachable.
  • We will simplify coding.
  • We will code selflessly and where possible for free, to bring noble dreams to life.
  • We will incentivize the entire MacroHard, by a "reward distribution" model.
  • We will gradually take MacroHard to every nation.
  • We will create a twist to Microsoft.
  • We will arrange meetups, hackathons, seminars, workshops etc related to coding
  • We will make coding more widespread in the un-enabling enviroment
  • We will keep pushing the steem blockchain technology to the mainstream by promoting it for what it represents
  • etc

On the flip-side, Macrohard will constitute bigger things than coding because even when it comes to the coding;

"we will code with swag". 

There won't be only "one grey shirt" involved. Many Versace apparel will go down. We will pull the Gucci(s) off. 

Hahaha take note: We will have MacroHard Fashion!

We will have full-blown dignity on this course, from deep-inside-out. 
We will flip things. We will mix things. We will experiment things. 
We will tell the world the things it doesn't know, using coding and fashion. 
We will make codes a real language: "a voice!"

We will code from un-enabling environment and our breakthrough innovation, every time it erupts, will constitute fresh awesomeness. It will stir "a heaving" and "a sigh"; all of relief and seamless joy.

In truth, "no one has held our "Yes" captive all along, for our "Yes" has always been with us/in our midst.

Twas just a different breed of "Yes" and we didn't recognize it because, we followed the world-renown elites into outer-space, looking for shoes, when "the sole of our feet" can have been "our different breed of shoes".

We are going back!
Here we come.
MacroHard beauty-lurks.....

Wow...this is great vision.
This adjustments are happening and its a soul at a time...just like mine is being adjusted..
Creating a new perception of the world and perspective for the world.

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