Why nobody is happy? The happiness that people can not see

in luw •  11 months ago 

Hello friends from steemit! Today I want to share with you about the truth of happiness in our lives.

The Spirit of Truth, which the world can not accept, because neither sees it nor knows it .... (Jn 14: 16-17)


  • Those people who have no money see satisfaction only in possessing plenty of money.
  • People suffering from health problems believe that if they are healthy they will be endlessly happy.
  • Healthy people work hard and feel the need for several free days to rest and recover, so their monotonous life is eliminated.
  • People who have a lot of money are full of all the existing pleasures. Their lives have transformed them into people with overstretched stomachs, who are forced to sit constantly on a well-filled table full of dishes. They are most often and most bitterly complaining that their lives do not contain any delights for them.
    Years later, when one has tried everything, having first received one thing he wanted and then second and third and ... something he thought would bring him happiness, but he was very disappointed. Then, in his despair, he turns to God to seek comfort for the fact that ever ... somewhere .... will receive what he so desires and then he will be endlessly happy.
    Here, do you see that no one is happy because no one has ever learned about their lives - why is he here in this world and what exactly does he need to be really happy.
    I'm sorry about the Google translator's inaccurate translation!
    I wish you a great day!
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