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LUCRE is an exclusive automated trading system for Cryptocurrencies, created to exceed the strategy of using Cryptocurrencies. It is developed by a team with 8 years experience in algorithmic trading. Cryptocurrency holding was not the best way to increase your wealth lately. The LUCRE algorithm was based on non-HODL philosophy; Deal! allowing you to trade in both directions long and short. The big attraction of this project is the ability to earn income in all market conditions, to buy and sell with each perceived opportunity. Even when the market goes south, the algorithm tries to make a profit, shorting it.
Lucre Trading Algo will operate on the Metatrader trading platform. Participants selling tokens will receive an LCR token that will track Algo performance. The price will be updated regularly to accurately reflect the value of the crypto core assets Algo sells. The participant can trade on exchanges that will list the LCR token.

Token sales tools will be used for two main purposes:

Finish the development of LUCRE Trading Algo (full testing, adding different cryptograms, performance optimization. Also implement automated trading with different APIs of Crypto broker when they are available and stable)
Use 40% of Token sale funds to trade Cryptocurrencies with brokers and share profits with Token sales participants. A small shoulder will be used a maximum of 3 times. Trade will be carried out in both directions for a long time and in a short time, depending on the direction of the market, discovered by LUCRE Algo. Each order has a predefined soft and hard stop-loss and profit from profits.
With a down payment, you will receive LCR tokens that provide premium membership and limited access to the service. When you have these tokens, you can earn money by combining the various options described in detail below. Tokens can also be sold to another member. With LUCRE, Token bidders are not required to make additional funds, as they can profit from initial participation with the benefits of the algorithm. At the same time, participants can use their funds to conduct additional trading on the LUCRE trading signals. This way you can increase your profitability. You can choose from the following options or combine them to optimize your income.

Join during the event to sell tokens to get the percentage of benefit proportional to the initial payment, made according to the algorithm in the Trading Pool.
Use signals for trading: you will receive BUY SELL signals for Cryptocurrencies, which you can use for manual trading with your broker.
Use the LATRE Autotrading service. Users can use some of their Fiat funds using the Autotrade algorithm, with all the benefits directly transferred to participants.
The only chance to acquire a token after the sale of LUCRE will be on the stock exchange with participants in the sale of Token. If Algo succeeds, it will increase the interest in buying and, consequently, lead to higher prices for LCR tokens.


Based on 8 years of experience in Algorithmic Forex Trading, we saw that interest could increase if the algorithm works well and more participants will be involved in the project.

LUCRE is an exclusive platform, because participants with access to algorithmic signals and autotracing are limited, and this exclusivity is controlled by the number of tokens. If you want to receive signals or use Autotrading, and you did not participate in the Token sale event, you will need to buy tokens from the original participants.

The trading algorithm will take long and short positions and bet on both the bull and bear markets, thus diversifying and optimizing the performance of the portfolio. As a participant in the sale of tokens, you can decide to earn money by selling tokens, since the advantage of exclusive service and the results of trading with the algorithm should see a rise in prices or keep it and receive a permanent profit that tracks the effectiveness of the trading word.


The installment will be immediately converted to the US dollar after the completion of the Token sale event and transferred to the Derivatives trading account where the bidding will be executed. Restraining derivative assets have no security. LUCRE Trading is 100% automated. A full list of used brokers will be available on our website when trading begins. When checking, additional exchanges will be added.


The LUCRE team will invest significant time and effort in marketing marketing Tok Token, targeting participants in the traditional financial sector, through the production of information sheets, explanatory videos and planning documents that are easy to understand. LUCRE will focus on marketing exclusively on unregulated markets. No promotion or invitation will be held where participation is prohibited or is likely to be prohibited in the near future in order to remain in accordance with local law.

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ICO Details

Total number of tokens: 12,500,000 LCR

Available for purchase: 10,000 LCR

Token Type: ERC20, Ethereum

Raise the minimum blockchain: $ 2,000,000

Maximum increase: $ 7,000,000

80% of tokens allocated to participants (10,000 LCR)

14% for developers and company reserves (1,750,000 LCR)

3% for award consultants (375,000 LCR)

3% used for bounty and marketing programs (375,000 LCR)

Period of sale of tokens: October 15, 2018 (30 days)

Period of sale of the main token: November 14, 2018 (4 weeks)

Most of the funds, 40%, will be spent on servicing the development team and platforms.

Another 40% will be added to the Trading Pool to give participants

Sale of tokens 15% for

3% of capital costs will be spent on marketing, aimed at attracting new users to the platform, creating a community that is interested in tokens and

The remaining 2% for legal fees and compliance

Road map:

December 31, 2017.
FX Trading's own trading company has established the
first Algo trading transaction for
open currency trading FX trading for customers.
Preliminary research and development in the field of cryptothermia

June 30, 2018
Development of
smart contracts. Introducing smart contracts and developing dashboards.

September 30, 2018
Participants in the "white list"; Run the Bounty program;

December 31, 2018 - launch of the
Presale token.
Sale of LCR tokens.

June 30, 2019
Public launch on the stock exchange
Algo's growing close of trading

December 31, 2019
Launch of the autorouting service (beta)

March 31, 2020
Final release version


Aqsa Papovich: CMO - MBA
Harjit Singh: STO
EMERSON CRUZ: Algorithmic Trading Developer
AMAN Sidhu: developer blokcheynov
VISHAL JAGGI: Frontend Developer
ARJUN PURI: developer intern
Yogesh Gautam: legal advisor

Counselors LUCRE
Manu Hullar: director of innovation and acceleration solutions
BOGDAN FIEDUR: ICO Advisor, Expert ICObench
SYDNEY IFERGAN: expert community Crypto & ICO
DMITRY PSHENIN: Founder ICOboard, Advisor ICObench
GABRIELLE Bernasconi: Co-founder of the laboratory Genuino Blockchain
Mike Snider: Co-founder BitcoinATM360

For more information visit:


★ WHITEPAPER: https: //www.lucretoken. com / docs / Lucre_WhitePaper_EN.pdf








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