Lucian Wintrich combines Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos and Wally George as entertaining political commentator

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"Third-rate Milo" comment from the peanut gallery was cute, but Lucian is today among the most entertaining of journalistic political commentators. Here's something that many libertarian leaning Steemians will appreciate. This VFN is the most realistic fake news that I've ever seen! Lucian has been lambasted for saying "It's ok to be white." He's been arrested just for grabbing back his speech notes paper that someone tried to steal. Lucian seems to be a contender for modern king of audience participation! Glad to see a new Wally George has emerged because I always enjoyed the nonsensical ravings and rants from right wing wacko and liberal lunatic alike.

BTW no mention of race is complete unless the educational proverb is pointed out that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS RACE. The notion of "race" is ludicrous because there is such a dramatic genetic difference between sexes, and far more genetic variation in one "race" than there is between "races". Calling someone white, black or other racist term is inherently ludicrous, and should be laughed at as ridiculous. The government needs to stop promoting racism -- everyone needs to stop promoting the feeble, false and misleading notion of race.

Lucian points out how liberals foolishly create a bigger, more powerful federal government, and then they wonder what happens, they are shocked to find later that the federal government suddenly does not side with them.

The libertarian conservative points out how people blame others for their problems instead of taking responsibility. Steemit readers know that things will go best for us when we are in control of our own lives and destiny.

Watching the response from his critics shows how the opposition is terrified of free speech.

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How important is free speech? Is it "ok to be white"? Do we want to Make American Great Again or not? Is it ok if a liberal wants to Make America Great Again?