At The 'Take Human Action'Bash -NOLA 2018!

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We had an awesome weekend in the NOLA listening, meeting, and speaking with amazing folks and fellow freedom-lovers at the Mises Caucus presented 'Take Human Action' bash-NOLA 2018; including with elected officials, candidates for public office, and great voices/advocates for liberty, libertarian values, civil rights/liberties; for peace and prosperity over authoritarianism and austerity...such as Tom Woods, Jeff Diest, Scott Horton, Marc Clair, Bob Murphy, and Michael Heise, David Hynes, Darryl Lee Meadows, Michael Boldin, John Odermatt, Eric July, Walter Block; as well as Candidate for Governor of New York Larry Sharpe (L-NY) and New Jersey Senatorial Candidate Murray Sabrin (L-NJ) to name a few!
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