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RE: Simon Dale, Lammas-Project, low impact building and the European (Austrian) answer by Wolfgang Lackner

in #lowimpact8 years ago

I am absolutely blown away by the images and excited that a Crowdfunding project is underway. I upvoted this post and will be featuring this post on my hidden gems blog. Great content and I hope the Crowdfunding goal is reached.


Thank you for your nice words, as well as featuring me in your blog.
But I have to point something out. The crowdfunding is successfully finished and the plans are open source to private use. Still word has to be spread, so that more people see how easy and cheap it can be to fulfill your dreams. Thats the anarchist viewpoint, I guess: beeing independent, being creative, being sustainable (in the true sense of the word.) I really would like to see someone like @larkenrose upvote this... the guy is all the time walking around in the woods to record his videos... he should love this house :-)

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