MasterPiece Skies from my Balcony & Rooftop !!

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There is never a dull moment from my balcony weather it would be monsoon period or tropical season over here in Bangkok , Thailand it has never disappointed me it puts on a show no matter what season it is , it's like a front seat to a 3D movie. As the evening sun begins to drop into the far horizon the 3D movie begins and this is the beginning of what it starts to look like.




I look forward to coming home after a hard days work just to watch this free 3D movie from front seat of my balcony with a glass of red wine in hand and watch it slowly unfold.





Every day mother nature gives it to in a different painted version and that's what makes it so stunning to be able to witness this day in day out free of charge.





It is just overwhelming how everyday the sky is painted in a different contrast mother nature sure has a job on it's hand.






In the years i have been living in this apartment i have thoroughly enjoyed every morning rise and every evening sunset without a doubt and i intend to keep enjoying them watching that stunning sky doing it's magic while i enjoy my glass or two of red wine.










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Beautiful sky at golden hours!

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They give me my mediation time looking at them :)

That’s right! It’s sky meditation!
Look at it long enough,you’ll be able to float on air!

After a few glasses of red wine i am definitely floating on air..haha :)


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Cheers...Thanks :)

OMG, these shots are stunning! What a view!

Thank you @keithboone and i love coming home to this beautiful view :)

Absolutely amazing sunsets! If I bring you some jam, can I hang out and drink wine with you and watch the sunset? Ha ha. are absolutely welcome my friend it's a deal :)

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