Sex is overrated

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Hey steemians, I'll like to know what cheating in a relationship means to you. When your partner has casual sex with someone else? Or when he has a love affair with someone else? Or both?
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My opinion:

Sex is overrated. It is simply a physical act done to ease off randy tensions. Love on the other hand is an expression of emotional affection. Sex and love means different things and should be seperated.

You can be in a long distance relationship, and choose to have protected safe sex with someone else when you're horny, and not fall in love with the person . Your partner can know about this and not make a fuss about it, because there's nothing serious to a mere physicial act, it is just sex. All that matters is knowing and trusting that you truly love him/her.

Having sex with someone that is not your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't undermine your love. We make everything seem big in this part of the world. Humans are sexual beings, we get seduced and we get horny. Choosing to repress your sexual hormones is not a virtue. It's just a choice.
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You own your body. Entitlement mentality is what get spouses hurt when you have casual sex with someone else. The hurt is invalid. You here statements like: "How can another person be eating what I am eating, mbok I can't share". I don't understand. Share what exactly?? Is another human being your property?


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Yes sex and love is two different category. But now a days all the human considers that without sex love is incomplete but it's totally wrong, because sex is a desired it's for just a moment but there have no limits of love mean love never end but sex can be end i think u got my point.

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Thanks for your contribution. I just followed you.

you are either justifying cheating, or promoting the "man as a polygamist" thing( because a man is allowed to have casual sex but a woman will be judged and termed loose). Biblically, sex is for married people. We copy the western world and accept the having the multiple sexual partners before marriage. How can you then tell someone in a relationship it s okay to have casual sex with another person? it is not justifiable, it is a mistake! what is then the concept of cheating? So you tell me that if you catch your partner cheating and he /she gives the excuse of having "casual sex" you'd let it slide? What's love without sacrifice? cheating is wrong!

we are sexual beings so we should use that as a reason to seek sexual pleasure abount? casual sex is the cause of sexually transmitted diseases. Casual sex is the reason for some broken homes.

so sad that the value of sex has dropped. it is now for money and "to ease off" as you say.
You can't tell me entirely that love is not sex. If i refuse to give my husband his right, he'd say i don't love him again even if i have personal reasons for not letting him touch me. So you can't say that Love is not entirely attached to sex

Don't make it seem one sided. A woman is entitled to as much sex as the male folks. I'm not gender biased with my post. I am irreligious, and not a fan of so many social constructs, especially the ones relating to gender.

I'm only saying when it comes to sex, many HUMANS are polyamorous. The concept of sexual fidelity is overhped, many people force themselves to it all in the name of sacrifice. Sexual fidelity is a social construct. Love and sex are seperate, you can fuck as many persons as you want, and love just one. Sexual attraction and emotional attachment are two different things.

And also, i am not trying to justify cheating. I am only trying to redefine what cheating is.
Well, at the end, it varies based on individuals. There are no absolutes.

Although you are trying separate these two concepts_love and sex but I think they are siamese twins. They work together. what ever chemistry that brought about love has sex in it and vice versa. Unless in the case of FSW where we know that it is their job and almost always sex ready with or without love.

Lol. Siamese twins medically get seperated 😂

Most times with complications and other times with survival of one at the expense of the other.
You go wound oh!!!😂

Cheating starts with the idea to devalue the commitment to something or someone. For instance, if you have committed yourself to being an honest human being, an honest student, and you crib during a test, this is cheating. In interpersonal relationship, this may be to remain exclusively committed - to love and cherish one person-, or it may be non-exclusive.

To abandon one's commitment to a relationship, whatever the nature of the commitment may be, it should be done openly and should include the other person in a respectful conversation and re-negotiation. If it is done secretively, it may even be justified in some way - for example in the case of emotional or physical abuse - but I believe it is never beneficial to anyone to do things in secret. It is more often very destructive to both human beings when dishonesty sets in.

Whether the cheating is physical or not, is immaterial. In my opinion, whenever someone engages in a physical intimate act without emotional and rational antecedents, this also demeans the humanity of that person, not to mention increases the potential for an emotional attachment - if it is done thoughtlessly, the emotional attachment could also end in disaster for both or one of the people.

Stay human - stay healthy - and stay smart, men and women. Peace

Nice postulation. Both partners should spell boundaries and define the nature of their commitment.

Well, you certainly are a progressive thinker, @udochi. While you may be right, I would like to add that it is sometimes quite hard to separate affection from sex, we are social animals after all.

Lol. It's subjective. For me, it is very easy.

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