Marriage is overrated

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Marriage is overhyped.

Marriage was borne from the need of man to secure a safe environment to breed, protect bloodlines and handle property rights. Every other thing attached to it today including loyalty, faithfulness and commitment, was brought about from individual's thoughts, choices and perceptions of how love ought to be. To be honest, this has only helped to restrict people's freedom and get feelings hurt from expectations.

Realistically, life is short, and it's hard to fathom how one would live this short life having sex and being attached with only one person, in a big world filled with so many attractive and beautiful people from different races and backgrounds. As hard as it is, people are still doing it. The problem is that many people do not know it is subjective and relative.

There is no universal absolute or standard for what love should look like. Love, loyalty and commitment means different things to different people. People are placed under pressure to accept the concept of one man and one woman. People who are not emotionally ready for the demands of commitment are getting into it. Humans are fickle. With commitment, expectations come and feelings get hurt at words said.

Love has been overused and abused, it is beginning to sound like a myth. The things people say about their ex's help push this narrative. You love someone today, and tomorrow after a break up, the person becomes a loathed enemy. Not everyone is monogamous in nature, and it is the reality you need to accept. Polyamory is the human side the society tries to surpress, thus making hypocrisy thrive.

Albeit the scary continuos increase in world population, the 50 percent divorce rate in the United States, and the high number of poor children in the world, there are so many other reasons why people choose not to get married or have kids, or be in a domestic partnership. Love, happiness and fulfilment is not tied to marriage. Just take a closer look at the people you think are happy in marriage, you'd find out your assumptions are false.

You live just once. Learn, grow, have sex if you want, explore, be independent, be emotionally mature, be happy. Do you. Don't let anyone choke you with marital tales. True happiness comes from within.

Daniel Osula, my Facebook friend, inspired this post. Some of his ideas were captured.


There is no universal absolute or standard for what love should look like. Love, loyalty and commitment means different things to different people

Nothing is more apt.
This is what I call an indepth analysis of marriage. You did well my Dochi ♥

Thank you Ufak. I appreciate your kind remark

I agree people are trying so hard to conform into what society thinks is right. The right time to marry, the right person to be with , without reflecting on what is really important to them

Exactly my thought. Everyone is trying to conform, without reflecting on who they truly are.

Yes! I agree with much of what you say here. There is also the issue of religions and government taking the reins of the process, imposing their rules, and forcing people to believe that only by their "permission" is the union to be valid, which is absurd. Society itself has been brainwashed to nag young couples into marrying, often well before they are mature enough to be responsible partners and parents. Bravo for your post, and I hope it opens the eyes of some people! Thanks for sharing it in #steemitbloggers

Thank you so much for sharing more insights. I appreciate your comment.

I've been with my partner for 27 years, we have 2 kids and 2 grandkids and never saw the need to marry. Didn't feel I needed a piece of paper to tell me my relationship was ok!

Wow!!! 27 years? I admire the fact that you didn't need societal standards to validate your relationship. Thanks for sharing your story.

You're welcome! 😊

I believe that every relationship is different. People should always decide on what is best for their relationship. Conforming is not always right. If we would live without copying others, being true to ourselves, then we get to live a more fulfilling life.

Exactly my thoughs too. Thank you for your input.

Like a destination with diverse routes so, love, fulfilment, and happiness is to individuals. Thank you.

Thanks for dropping by

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