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Homophobia is an infection that has eaten deep into our society. How do you feel good hating another human simply because of a different sexual orientation from yours? It's an infection, and must be cured! Homophobes thrive on nothing other than hate, bigotry, hypocrisy, intolerance, and religious indoctrination. images(9).jpg
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The problem starts with feeling everybody must be like you, and when you see someone do something different from what appeals to you, you tend to see them as weird, abnormal and a misfit. Everybody cannot be like you, the World doesn't revolve around you, but what makes us humans should be our ability to tolerate our differences.

Why is your sexuality normal, and theirs abnormal? What I find hard to understand is why someone should be marginalised and discriminated simply because they are attracted to members of the same sex. I honestly think we've not ordered our priorities as a society; two consenting adults having sex should be none of your goddamn business. I wouldn't want to be hated for being straight, so I honestly think they don't deserve hate for being who they are, much worse- a 14year jail term like the Nigerian Law advocates.

I didn't learn to like boobs and ass, it's an emotional attraction and drive that is innate in me; I wouldn't want to be hated because I was born that way. Homosexuality is not learnt; it's biological in many. If you still believe every gay person learnt to be gay, then where did the first set of gays learn the act from? There are things beyond our control that determine who and what we are attracted to. Anyway, irrespective of the origin of their sexual preference, they deserve your love.
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And many would say things like "It's against God's will", "It's a sin" bla bla bla... Oh please! Spare me that! We're so drunk on religion in this part of the world. Everytime, it's either the Bible or the Quran making decisions for us, yet we are one of the most corrupt nation in the World. We're still here debating over things the rest of the World has moved on from.

We're all humans, we've got no other home than earth. Our actions should thrive on love and tolerance for the human race. Can we just all live together, without letting things we have no control over seperate and divide us? Let's channel these negativities to more trivial issues affecting our humanity such as terrorism, bad leadership and religious extremism, I bet the World would be a better place.

Let me end this sermon by reminding you once again that the World does not revolve around you. So, Live your life, and let others live theirs. There are no absolutes! Shikena!!!
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Homophobia, like all phobias need to be fixed. Phobia definition from Google "an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something." We need less extreme and irrational fear in all avenues of society, especially of "change" Nice write up @udochi

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Thanks for your input. And, thanks for the vote too

Well stated, @udochi! I completely agree that our actions should spring from a place of acceptance and love, instead of judgement. The comparison of homophobia to an infection is spot-on - here's to hoping we find a cure for it some day soon!

Exactly. It is an infection that has eaten deep into my country. I hope we find a cure. Thanks for dropping by.

You're very welcome. 😊

I believe that limiting our sphere of friendships or even our associations to those who are exactly like us in color, beliefs or orientation makes us so small and boring as a person. What makes life so interesting is the diversity of people. There isn't a person out there who doesn't have something to teach us. Just be open and loving to all! Wonderful post!

I really appreciate your comment. Indeed our differences as humans makes life beautiful.

Yes you are right!! No one should have a say on who you love!!! And no not religion or at least not religion nowadays back when the “pagans” were around all was good..ppl just enjoied life..so should we!!! You expressed honest emotions in your blog and I fully understand the reason behind them..Congrats and will be following from know on..if that matters in any way.. I do encourage you to fight the good fight and live life the way you want because in no fucking way no one can tell you what to do with your own life!!! Live love embrace whoever you want to !!! You only live once!!!

Thank you for dropping by. People should learn to live their lives freely, and not hate on those who live theirs.

BRAVO! Very well stated! It amazes me how ANYONE who values their own personal liberty can be against the personal liberty of another human being. It is nothing but childish selfishness! We need more posts like this; kudos to you!


Thanks for your warm remarks. I appreciate. Homophobia is indeed an infection.

Well written, I don't know why people would be so pressed about what other people are doing that doesn't affect them in any way. Good read

Thanks for reading bro. We need to speak out to end homophobia. Love is paramount

Theres no reason to be angry or fear gay people. We should love them.

We all just have to know our responsibility and limitations.

I believe everything has a natural order, sometimes people just have to understand moderation and not to abuse. Life has many rules if we think about it: That goes for both homosexuals and heterosexuals.

This is a broad topic but bottom line is its not good to hate and judge them.

It is a good point you said: Let's channel these negativities to more trivial issues affecting our humanity such as terrorism, bad leadership and religious extremism, I bet the World would be a better place.

Sometimes peace and cooperation and respect is the most important. Rather than being right or wrong.
We can't live without peace.

Wow. Thank you so much for your comment. We should all preach love.

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