L❤️ve Is In The Air! Guess Where I’m Traveling Today And Win $5 SBD

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What do you think where this airplane will take me? Here’s a first hint: As some of you might remember, two weeks ago I celebrated my birthday. Yet, the big party has still not taken place. So that’s what we gonna do tomorrow 😉 To win the $5 SBD you’d need to guess both the destination I’m flying to as well as the event I’ll be attending. One last hint: “Love is in the air 🌈...” Happy weekend, steemians! I’ll be back on Monday. Much love, Marly -

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I think you are going to Love Music Festival Canary Islands La Palma, Spain.... Enjoy ms. MARLY.... Belated happy birthday.... 🎂😘😊

Yay!!! You were the only one providing the right answer! Congrats :-)))
And thanks for the belated bday wishes as well...
5 SBD will be sent to your wallet right now!
Have a nice day :-)

Wow... Indeed a nice day for me... Thank you so much for the 5 sbd..... Your being kind gives you more blessings... Have great day ms. MARLY...

You're more than welcome! You were the only one providing the correct answer by the way :-))



That's gotta be it lol. :)


I think she forgot my invite though :P

Oh you were incredibly close!!! It was the Isla Bonita Love Festival but not taking place on Tenerife. It was on the isle of La Palma :-)

Indeed I forgot your invite and deeply apologize, hehe
Thanks for participating!!!

Ahh crap! :D

Dammit google, you failed me, or maybe I just misundersood!

I hope you had an awesome weekend celebrating your Birthday :)

Well it was a bit tricky, because both La Palma and Tenerife have a capital called St. Cruz - so sometimes on the internet it's hard to seperate the information :-) You were incredibly close, so no worries about that! Btw, there was only one person who gave the right answer.

We had a blast, and it was the perfect way of re-celebrating my bday- thank you!! Pictures to be published soon :-)

Dammit! oh well, I tried :)

Somewhere on planet earth. Enjoy your travels! :-)

Tel aviv

Good luck looks like you are in great mood

Barcelona, Canada..................@surfermarly

Is it the music fest....

I think it will be in Madrid to attend a wedding..😍..
Belated happy birthday!!!

Kelowna, BC, Canada.

(Wishful thinking :))

this is a very difficult guess ... but in my opinion, you will go on holiday to celebrate your birthday.

hello darling ... have a safe trip...

To Venezuela??? Hahaha


I would say either Paris (because of the Love is in the air) or Amsterdam (because of the rainbow and you might visit Gay Pride, which is quite a spectacle to watch, on the canals...) but this plane seems to small for either one... And what event would you visit in Paris..?? The end of Tour de France?? ;)

Darn, I was going to say Paris as well! Good guess @connectecomony.
My next guess would be your hometown in Deutschland.

Dang it maybe I could have guessed the location, but the event... Nop:)

Okay, have a great time where ever you're going babe! Be safe!

Destination: Isle of Lanzarote
Event: @dreamsoftheocean charity event 2018.😏

I hope I got that right.😁

SteemFest 3 "POLONIA"

I dont know where you are travelling but i wish you a safe trip and a happy journey :)

I'm pretty sure your flight lands in Jurrasic Park! 🦖

Lima, for Peru's Independence Day celebrations? :)

Not good at guess
I guess Ontario, Canada

I think you're visiting Canada 🔥

You go to the Philippines, good trip!

  ·  last year (edited)

i guess canary islands.is it correct?

Safe travels my friend! Enjoy! Iceland for the Herring Festival ;)

Picture of Atlantis Diving Lanzarotte :)



enjoy your trip,i guess it s canary island spain

Canary island?!

Destination: Lanzarote
Event: Jameos Music Festival

Fuerteventura? :)

Oh no! I am clueless Marly. By the way belated happy birthday. I missed wishing you. :)) I hope you had a great holiday!

Thank you for your contribution!
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Birthdays are the best