Real Story Part #1

in love •  7 months ago

True story of someone living my family!

It's about a boy who was just stuck in between his parents and uncle aunt!

The trend in my country is that people will have an arranged marriage and they will forced my there parents that boy will marry to that girl because his mom like the girl or his dad like the girl or both like the girl!

Maybe she is rich or something like that must be there priority !

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Same in case for a girl that her mom dad will decide whom she will marry and who is best for her daughter,as i know that my cousin who were going to marry someone in his family was a nice girl he was almost 14 years old he was not know that how he will be be in near future but his mom dad decide that we need to engage his son to a girl who was her cousin , the boy was not interested but he was force by her parents that one day you must marry to this girl is nice and rich and she is talented in school so you will never get such girl ever and we need that you accept him.

He was a kid but he was forced o marry that girl by any was even you like her or not he was forced and he got engaged.

After few years when boy was getting younger he knows that he is not a straight guy and he is not interested in any girl not only he refuse this girl but he is not able to marry any other girl as well , he is a gay .

That make so much problem for the boy he got younger and reach to the age on 22 and he was not able to explain that to his parents but he told the girl on phone that he is such kind of girl please not one will accept me in this country and if you reject this marriage my life will be safe and your will be safe and happy as well. but she refuse that you are lying to me and you wanna get rid of me and i will not help you in going away from me, as the boy was very handsome and no girl will ever want to leave him , they will like him as a husband,

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