Love story By Story write part 4

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As the teacher said to her husband that she is going to be away from her as he is cheated her and in reverse she got blamed by her husband she decide she will live alone from now!

As this news was spread in her college as well the teacher decided that she is not able to live in college and she will give this disease to other people as this is very critical condition !

The teacher was called in the meeting room and along with the college principal and all teacher they decide that teacher will leave the college as soon as possible and she will be not able to teach in the college any more !

The Boy who was in love with her knows that the college people are kicking the teacher out of this school and she will have to leave the college just because of her disease, Now the boy cam to the meeting room and he argue each and every one that its not her fault that she is that sick so i will took her to my home and she will live with me as my wife and i know her so much and she do not need to have any job to live a live !

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The boy took her teacher and he give so much love that and he took great care of her teacher she knows that this guys is in real love with her so she decide that she do not want to live with this boy any more and she had cuch problem that it is possible if this bo come close to her it will be transferred to her so she went aways from his life and she leave a letter and she mention that i am in love with you and just because of that love i want to leave you alone so that you look forward in the future and it will be good for your future and i live a life as a wife and i am glad you love me so much, i will always love you and hope you go further in future and get a successful life.

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