4 delusions about sex that interfere with the pleasure of it

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"Men think constantly about sex!" What is the biggest myth about sex that you have heard? This is certainly one of them. The myths about intimacy, about our attitude to it, about the pleasures we bring with the mate, seem to make us misinformed.

Check out some of the most common myths by sex experts and why you do not have to believe in them.

Myth: Orgasm is the only goal during intercourse

Many people accept sex as an experience, focusing on reaching orgasm, while at the same time failing to enjoy what is before it. Sex is much more, do not forget it. Sexual proximity should be something to provoke you to study each other's sexuality with each other, to reveal it more and more every time.

There are few couples in which one or both partners are not satisfied with their sexual experiences, be it because of the inability to reach orgasm, lack of good stimulation, sexual play, unwillingness to hear what gives pleasure to the other, and so on.
That is why it is important to pay attention to communication. The theme of sex and our desires is not shameful. Talk to the mate, try to understand each other without having to overlay the other.

Myth: All women reach multiple orgasms

Some ladies may experience this pleasure, but not all. Some sensitivity of the clitoris and vagina after orgasm is strong and does not want to be touched again, while other women enjoy this feeling and are happy for more. More about how you can reach multiple orgasms can be read here.

Myth: Women only get orgasm through penetrating sex

Most women need clitoral stimulation to reach the climax and, according to scientists, about 70% of them experience clitoral orgasms.
It matters what sex you are with your partner, whether you stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot. You can always increase your chances of more pleasure by stimulating certain erogenous zones through a sex toy or pointing your partner where you would like to touch. Remember that by stimulating your chest you can also reach the peak.

Myth: Not reaching orgasm is normal

Sex can be enjoyable and it's quite normal not to get orgasm, but if it does become permanent. How often do you reach orgasm? You do a bad service to your partner by not sharing what's most fun in the bedroom.

When it comes to maximizing your intimate moments, it is important to share it. Ignoring your desires will not bring anything positive to your relationship.

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