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RE: REPOST 1/10: Why I don't wear a wedding ring - philosophy and advice for my children

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@araksha and myself have been together now for thirteen and a half years to date, we have never been married. I don't believe in the man made law that a piece of paper signifies our love for each other, we humans have the most intellectual brain on earth yet we still defy what we signed in black and white, yet animals like a Parrot or Penguin that has a brain the size of a peanut, comments its self for life to its partner with no written contract or public announcement. I truly love @araksha and as long as she knows it , to me that's more important than a piece of paper our proving or love in a big flashy wedding which people will always have some comment on how it could have been better, typical indian comment would be" The potatoes were not soft cooking in the Breyani:) " Great post, looking forward to reading the other posts! You taking us "Back to the Future!"


True love really can't be defined, and I am happy you have it in your life. I followed your lady. I can just imagine how many comments are thrown your way. People are scared of anything that challenges the status quo, so they will yry to squash you in the little box where they are comfortable. I have reached a stage where if someone asks me a personal question I don't think is appropriate I simply ignore it and change the subject. If you think they were uncomfortable before....!!!

Awesome stuff. I like that approach!

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