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Best way to embrace your shadow self: allow others to continue fantasizing about their dark version of you. No matter how untrue it is, their mental creations will balance the reality of your love and brilliance.

Thank you! :)

I hope this helps someone who chooses to be bright in a dim world!

Some info about me: I've been involved with Bitcoin since 2010. By trade I am an expert on blockchain technology. I am the Project Director for Wall of Coins, and CEO for Genitrust, Inc. I eat primarily fruits and leafy greens ("fruitarian"). This is known as a frugivorous diet, which is the diet by design of the human species and most primates. I don't cook my fruits, so you may also call this "raw vegan". I have eaten virtually every food item and major cultural style on this planet. I have experienced long periods of many different diet regimens: acid/alkaline, ketogenic, vegan, etc. In my spare time as a child, and an adult, I truly relished reading articles, books, and research papers on nutritional observation. I also enjoy and frequently practice long periods of juice fasting, water fasting, and dry fasting.

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Robert Genito
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Hello dear friend it is a pleasure to hear from you again, and you have many reasons in these words, as we all know we have our inner self and we must work in order to maintain our wellbeing both internally and mentally with our being and thus be able to give best of ourselves in a positive way and showing all the love and wisdom that we carry inside, greetings and a big hug for you.

Hello friend @robertgenito, I hope you are well because of his absence. In my opinion When we feel very positive, proud of what we do and what we are, with a good self-esteem is where we shine with our own light, but there are many dark people that can turn off lights. As a saying that says "FRIENDS ARE LIKE THE SHADOWS, ARE ON OUR SIDE IN BRIGHT MOMENTS, BUT DISAPPEAR IN OUR DARK MOMENTS". BLESSINGS

Hello with a lot of positivity, wisdom, health, to always be the same person or person demonstrating our inner self through our knowledge shine with our own light. Greetings and blessings

Thank you so much You are about 17 days after the post of Steemit.All of us should be eaten for survival, because we can not be healthy without eating and drinking, we must be healthy.That's why we have to adhere to the diseases that we need to stay healthy.To keep our body healthy, it is very good to eat greens and it is good to eat it once every week and once every four times a month, because it is good.If we have not eaten one day with that day, our stomach is closed for one day, and after that again, once again, you can work again. Our body is healthy for one day.

Friend missed his magnificent topics where there is always a reflection that fills us. Life is not so complicated, if we stop "sticking" to the material, to selfishness and avoid over-reliance on other people, we will be freer and more authentic to live in fullness. In those dark moments is when we should focus on the light. A HUG AND YUN GREETING TO THE DISTANCE.

A greeting. I think that no one should give us that light, we have to learn to cultivate our own lights, solving those possible obscurities that life brings us from time to time. Sometimes, life does not treat us very well. The past of traumatic family relationships, harmful emotional partners or having to go through some disease create many obscurities in our hearts.

Greetings to have love we must be bright and scant love ourselves to love others, our image may be wrong, but the behavior is correct. Thanks for sharing a great regards

Hi friend, it's good to see your publications again, a somber person does not express much of his feelings, he is usually distant even though it is the actions that show his messages. BRILLIANT AND CHARMING, of course if I am greetings

Greetings and blessings for you.
We are what we show and what is hidden. With the light of compassion we illuminate the darkest, and so we dare to look and let ourselves be seen with love and brilliance.

We must accept that in this life we ​​are going to know and we are going to have to surround ourselves with very complex people. We can not change them or force them to see the world from the same point of view as we do. We must respect, accept and take care of ourselves to avoid being affected. While we have these special and authentic people from our closest personal circle, no one will turn off that light of their own.

Thank you for the tip.

It is the duty of others to see the wrong image of you, it your duty to keep displaying your right identity.

Hello robertgenito friend and I was raron that I had not read it more, hahahaha I hope you are well. Bright and charming people always have a gift to see life in another way, without rancor without difficulties and they will always have an atmosphere full of love, in some cases these people serve as a symbol of support to help a person who needs they, for example that have low self-esteem would be a good example, the brilliant people have a perpe spect of everything and it is the great thing of them, greetings.

Hello my dear friend @robertgernito time not knowing about you, and I'm glad you came back. On this subject of the inner self, it seems very interesting to me since we have to show what we are and what we are worth inside, what we think and not hide for fear of what other people may think or judge ... liberate our inner self.

hello friend, how is it, is an excellent advice, we must love ourselves and love ourselves to be able to shine and achieve great things in life, thanks for sharing it with us, very successful ... !!!