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We were trying to focus on the side effect of one-sided love. The post that was written by Rania Naim has a negative impact over the one-sided love. Though I write about a part of it and try to find out some of the logical reason of one-sided love.

I was written about

  • One-sided love is not something about love actually. It’s a kind of cold headed torture.

  • One-sided love is not calling love. It’s totally/usually a battlefield.

  • One-sided love is not love. It could break your heart.

now I will discuss about some more point from her writing.

One-sided love cannot be love. It’s a crush. It’s infatuation. It’s obsession.

One-sided love is always one-sided. Somehow many ones believe that the real love all about believes, patient and understanding between the two. They could be together on their beautiful journey whatever it has ups and downs. There is no matter or any situation to leave. You could be said that two peoples choosing themselves willingly to have a wonderful journey of life. And promising to be together. But one-sided love is just opposite of it. There is just lonely love that will never see the light, never be together. And a lover never forgets or can't stop loving is/her dream person he/she love. That causes crush, infatuation, obsession.

One-sided love is not love. It’s called self-destruction.

Someone might be waiting for the return of his/her person he/she loves secretly. But in reality, time does not stop or reverse. So that time he/she wastes never can be filled. And if that person never comes back or loves back then it could be an end of a nice happy and also a nice family. And he/she just began to hate himself/herself from the depression and frustration. And bring the self-destruction.

There is so much point to agree with Rania Naim by her writing. But one thing that breaks all those logic and point that is unconditional love. The divine sprite never leaves a lover from his/her love.

But the last few lines are just awesome I just try to copy from the post.

"It’s loyalty. It’s reassurance. It’s commitment. It’s intimacy. It’s depth. It’s strength. It’s a reason to live longer. It’s a reason to have faith in life. Real love heals. One-sided love breaks. Real love is the only love you need to look for. One-sided love is anything but love. It’s a poetic term for heartbreak. A poetic term for suffering."

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