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Challenging Love to Be Unconditional - Part 7

in love •  8 months ago 

Much potential for Difficult times, fear, uncomfortably, uncertainty, judgment etc.
It all seemed so easy and natural and really it was. It just
Felt meant to be like we had known we would find each other forever.
The world really is scared. Even this “out of the box” conference couldn’t handle real freedom, expression or truth. Still so much fear, a different box with different colored fear wrapping.
Glad u made it through into the world of authentic and responsible presence.
A true present!

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love really is a present, wish i could experience it. good content though

Real freedom is scary as humans have no frame of reference in our tidy little lives for something so powerful. It's always easier to resist what one doesn't understand. A love like this is rare -- few are so blessed! I'm so very grateful that I did't use fear to stifle or extinguish this magnificent experience, and breathe in appreciation for your helping me feel the depths of possibility. Grateful to be here with you, living the gift! 💗