The Truth About Love

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Love is not the thing that we define it to be. Love is something we cannot understand, there is no way to understand love through intellectual concepts. For us to have some sense of what love is - we have to experience it.

I can't tell you what love is, but I will try anyway. Because this feeling is something that defies all reason, it is ever renewable in it's enthusiasm to do the undo-able.

My Experience of Love

Love is a mysterious power, it is a power that moves things in the world. By seeing through things to what is behind them, I have seen that it is the play of some mysterious and benevolent force.

Love is a connection, because it connects you to me when you read these words. Love connects all of the little pieces and parts, it makes them into a sensible system. Love is a system where everything is connected, when everything is connected it works as a harmonious whole.

One Fine Afternoon

When I am in love then I am quite content about the things that happen around me. They seem natural and they seem beautiful. When I am in love I am humbled by the numerous blessings of my life.

Love is a method of perceiving, accessed through letting go. To see with love means seeing that life is beautiful. If life is beautiful then we enjoy it. When we enjoy something then we give thanks for it. When we live in gratitude then we set the scene for even more blessings.

No one can hope to receive the powerful energies of this life, without first humbling themselves to them and relinquishing the child like need for control.

Love Eclipses Your Mind

Love is the antithesis of self obsession, and it cures all neuroses. It feels so good yet it needs no consideration or approval from anyone or anything. Love is perpetually self fulfilling.

Love holds things lightly, and it knows the tender sadness of letting go. Love would never force anyone to live as it wishes, love honors every beings right to choose their own life.

So often love becomes another means of control, this is a partial love that will not last long. The only lasting love is a quiet spacious love. Inside this spacious love, our own simplicity is able to endure any change in the world.

Bright and fresh and ever renewed, eternal life is the domain of a power that inhabits each and every thing. If this same power inhabits our being, then perhaps we are that same very thing.

Various Angles

Dependent on our perspectives, we could view life is so many different ways. We are allowed this difference because we live in a world of partial free will. I feel that without the free will, then this whole experience might lack depth - the depth of uncertainty and not knowing what to do with ourselves.

It's this very restlessness that drives us toward something. Love is the thing we are driving toward - through so many winding paths. Love is the hidden realization that we hope to uncover.

I don't mean love with a person, our family, our pets, memories, or even ourselves. I don't mean any of those things, but I do mean a sense that is so broad that it encompasses those things.

This is the kind of love that will utterly complete us. A love for this world that is undiminished by any circumstance. This is the kind of love that permeates every joy and every sadness. It's the unwavering base tone forgotten in the tumult.

Quietly stepping I move through the woods

Setting aside all maybes and shoulds

Waiting and open the presence emerges

The portal is open the water converges


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