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lover.jpgYou need to feel ready mentally and emotionally

If you have just come out of a relationship, or you don’t think it is the right time to get into a new relationship, then listen to what your inner voice is saying to you, rather than excessively overthinking, as you are no longer listening to your heart anymore. No one knows you better than you do. You might need time to be with yourself and rebuild that confidence before jumping into another relationship. When you are happy, you will attract good people.
Be open to receive

When we have bad past experiences, we go into defensive mode and blame our past relationships. We are often scared to open up incase we get hurt again. The only way to know if someone is the right for you, is by being open and getting to know them on all levels. We only live once, fear is just an illusion.

We also say all men are the same; just because we have had bad experiences in the past. This thinking is very ignorant, as not every guy is the same. By thinking this, the universe will continue to present you with the same type of men you have been experiencing in your past. If you are not closed minded and think positively about potential future partners, you will have a higher chance of finding your dream lover, as you are now accepting all men with all types of frequencies. By being closed off, we are preventing ourselves from a good man entering our lives. Make sure you ask the universe what you want. For example, if you ask for a man with blue eyes, but the qualities you are looking for in a guy are in brown eyes, you are only a match to the guy with blue eyes and you will never encounter the man with brown eyes. Be careful what you wish for!

Do not have too many expectations. No one is perfect and people can make mistakes, as long as the main qualities are there, allow for things to continue and see where the relationship takes you. It may not be to a destination you have planned. By getting caught up on small little details, you can prevent a good relationship from developing. When a man wants to be with you, he will be willing to improve.
Follow your inner guidance

Take your time to get to know the person fully; no need to rush. This is not a race. Also, do not set yourself rules, for instance; some people say I need to get to know a person for 6 months before I get into a commitment with them. When you apply rules to your relationship, you prevent yourself from actually connecting with the person and following your inner guidance, so instead just go with the flow and let your feeling decide where that relationship is heading. You just need to feel when your ready, as there are no rules. The only rule is you inner voice.

Don't get into a relationship just for the sake of being in one. Make sure the person you want to be with is the right person for you and that you are happy with them, regardless of where the relationship is going.
Make sure you are on the same page

You have to be connected emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Make sure you both have similar interested needs and wants. Compromising to an extent is okay, but when you have to compromise and go all out of your way to please your partner, that isn’t a healthy relationship. Remember, you will need a person that will be the closest match to your self. Too many disagreements in a relationship can lead to disappointment and heart break, because everyone wants a partner that we can agree with on most things.

Don’t fall for the “ideal” man, but instead fall for the the man himself. Women these days are too caught up on how society and family presents an ideal man, instead be open to all possibilities and give everyone a chance. You never know who Mr right is…
Don't be scared to let go if he isn’t the right guy for you

Make sure you let go if he isn’t the right man for you, just because you want to be a part of his life. It is never too late to let go of something that is not good for you. Friends and family can influence you to make right and wrong decisions, so you need to listen to yourself because it’s your life.

In our society, being single is viewed as a bad thing, but in fact being single is merely the opposite of bad. You can improve the relationship with your self, by getting to understand what you want and knowing to love yourself more. You can’t expect others to love you, unless you love yourself first. A lot of women rely on men for happiness, which could lead to more devastation and heart break. They get into a relationship because they don’t want to be lonely, but end up being even more lonely and unhappy. This proves the fact that it is better to be single and alone, than being in a relationship and miserable.

The information and tips I have written is from my point of view as a woman, but this goes for men as well. I am not saying this is the exact way to find a good partner, however I have learnt from my life experiences that these are crucial points to find the right man for you. Hopefully this helps to find your Mr or Mrs right.

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