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Marrying a woman and winning her heart are two completely different things. When a woman marries a man, she expects him to fulfill her emotional needs as well as her practical needs. What she seeks is not financial security – but emotional security. You can buy her fancy clothes and all the luxuries of life with your big bank balance but if you’re not there to hold her hand when she’s breaking down – you don’t deserve her. If you never hold her when she’s tired, never run your fingers through her hair to help her fall asleep after a long tiring day… if you’re not bonding with her… then it’s not a real marriage. A woman wants your time, attention and care… it’s not your money or your status that makes a woman love you – it’s how much you care for her and how much you understand her unspoken words. Love is about how with a single glance, you can make her blush or how you hold her until all her pain simply melts away. An emotional connection is the greatest gift can receive from a person, and you will know you have her heart when you see the serenity on her face in those quiet innocent moments you share together. You can lead a fulfilling life without money… but you’ll be empty if you live your life without love or emotional connection.



Bro, copy post na deyar try korben.. ta na hole blacklisted hoye jaben.. already warning e pore gesen

Donnobad bro thanks kmon achen apni r bd kothay thaken bro @withsmn but oita purapuri copypast na

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