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It’s never easy to let go of the person you
have loved from the core of your heart when
you have given them your heart and soul…
but if that person never learns to respect
your feelings and your love then what choice
do you have? If your time and your emotion
are never valued and you’re always made to
feel unwanted and disrespected, as though
you are little more than a showpiece… then
for your own sake, you need to move on.
Life’s worth is in realizing your own worth, so
never give up it for anyone who doesn’t value
you – even if you love them. Staying for too
long will break you to a point where you
won’t be able to recollect yourself. Hence,
before that happen, know your worth…and
move on. There is someone out there who will
value your love and will make you the queen
of his heart.




I know that, but I wanted a hug.

Oh really how u know that ??

Because they're not responding to me.

How do you know?

No , it's Maroia , it's an arabic name.

Oh really who said its arabic nam??

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Wow that nice words friend I fall in love to see that feeling so pure sometimes to love to be loved, I loved your post as always standing out. A strong hug friend @mizanuk ; )

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