Lies and relationship.

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Lie is a phenomenon that has destroyed and will destroy many ties forwards. She is not looking with a good eye.
Still, who wants to be cheated? Everyone will say that he will not feel well unless the truth is given to him. Yes, but then why does a large number of people lie even unconsciously, even for small insignificant things in everyday life? This is a protective brain reaction, which unfortunately happens to become a habit and ends many relationships.
As much as a man says he is strong and would not lie, but would rather tell the truth regardless of the consequences, these are rare cases. A person's psychic is designed so that in an inconvenient or stressful situation the brain begins to think of a lie that would soften circumstances rather than make a person say the unpleasant news.
In this situation, some would say that they are an exception, but this "phenomenon" is subconscious. The first reaction of everyone is to say a lie, there are people who are strong enough to fight it.
How much lie interferes with the relationship?
The answer is a lot! Of course, this is the case when it comes to a serious lie. There will be no drama if we lie to the mate that we are going to work, but we actually choose a birthday present or other important holiday.
A relationship would collapse when we fail to share important things with our partner, whether they are related to us, to her or to the relationship. The lie in this case is the murderer who moves quietly, but shoots noisily.
The partner expects sincere words and, above all, action to build a steady trust on which the relationship will go. To do this, never hide the truth when, for example, you go out with a friend or a former partner, or someone else whose mate does not look good-looking.
Under Murphy's law, he will understand the question to you: "If there is nothing worrying, why do you hide?" It also breaks a mental barrier, and lie is becoming a habit, and the relationship is past.



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