A Sad UPDATE on @lynncoyle1 and @briancourteau

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(Several months ago, Playa del Carmen)

Hi everyone,

I've had a few of you asking how things are going lately with Brian and I, especially because I've been relatively absent here; no post in a few weeks and very little commenting. Unfortunately, the time has come for me to take a real break from here, because Brian just isn't doing well at all.

We went through a long period where he seemed to be holding his own, even though his energy was low, he still woke up feeling good and could accomplish a little something most days. About a week or so ago though, he felt as though he was going to be sick to his stomach, ran to the bathroom, only to have blood come up; not a little bit either. It was intermittent for several days, but today it's bad, plain and simple. He's also had blood in his regular bathroom functions too. Things are not looking good.

We are going to visit my brother and family next week, and my parents are arranging to meet us there as well; it will be nice to see all of them, but I have to admit that I could use a little family support as well. And if I'm being completely honest, it's a chance for Brian to say goodbye to them, and they to him.

The optimist in me is hoping that this is all nothing to worry about, but the realist in me is pretty sure that's not the case. I think it's all finally happening, and to say I'm heartbroken is an understatement. But as usual, we will continue to spend our time together and love each other, and truly drink in every second that we have with each other.

I know some of you will ask about doctors etc, but Brian's plan has always been to go out on his own terms, especially after all the initial traditional treatments (chemo...) and alternative treatments were unsuccessful, and I respect that as well, so no doctors, no hospitals, just pain management and a choice for him when "it's time".

I'm sure if you've read this far, you might be thinking, how do I possibly respond or comment here?

My answer to you is simply, with your heart.

Brian and I have both been brutally honest with all of you along this journey of ours, and it's not over yet. He will continue to fight and love me, and I'll continue to care for him and love him like no other. And I'm asking all of you to continue being supportive, pray, send positive energy or keep doing whatever you think is helpful. On a very practical level, I'd ask if you could resteem this or let people know because I cannot let all of you know individually, and there are so many of you that I'd like to do that for. You have all been such a support system for me during these last several months, and Brian's wish is that you continue to be just that for me, now and when he's gone. We are both eternally grateful for all of it.

It's not over until the fat lady sings, and right now, I'm gagging her so she can't :)

(September 2018)


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I'm so so sorry to hear this Lynn... I hadn't heard from you in awhile and was hoping that things were getting better and maybe Brian was beating it. He told me today that you all my get over on the east coast at some point and I thought it might be a sign that things are improving. I was wrong. I hope the two of you spend every day like you have the last year and that is by making memories. Those will be something you can hold onto and something that he can take comfort that he provided you with forever! I wish you all the best and if you do get by my area at all I would love to share that beer with ya. Take care of yourself and of course Brian and thank you for being so strong.

Thank you Dave; yes, Brian was wishing for another epic road trip; we talked of all the people we'd love to meet together, like you, but realistically, I don't see it in our future. Maybe it's something I may do one day. This is all so hard, and I know will only get harder, so I'm really looking forward to seeing family; my son is also coming to visit the beginning of December, so that will be great as well.

Thank you again<3

This sure wasn't an easy read, @lynncoyle My heart aches for both of you but at the same time I am in awe at your strength, love and endurance while on this journey together.

We tend to take so much for granted in life and yet we forget how precious every moment is.

If there is any good that can come of this time in your lives, perhaps it is that you were given the awareness that every moment is a gift. In that, you have probably accumulated more 'life and love' than most do in an entire lifetime.

I love you both

Thank you @youhavewings for such a beautiful and thoughtful comment. Brian and I both appreciate it; and yes, we've lived more in these few short years, that some do in a lifetime. Oh, the memories that we've created!

Reading this made me look deeper into my soul. You said to comment from the heart... so here it goes.

Not everyone experiences the love you and Brian share... some people go their entire lifetime never knowing what a soulmate is or what true love is. But you and Brian have it. You are the poster children for what love is and looks like.

In these future days as you spend time with family, I wish you, @lynncoye1, the strength to uplift not only yourself but Brian and your families. And for @briancourteau, I give you the peace to hold all those you love close and recall all the memories you and Lynn have had together.

I love your heart @goldendawne <3 Thank you so much for this comment! I've been reading these every day and they've given me such peace and love in my own heart ... thank you for being a part of that <3

I hope Brian is having a good day today... give him blessings from me.

He is actually! so thank you @goldendawne ... from both of us :)

Wishing you strength for whatever is in store! Take care and enjoy family, come back to us when you are ready.

Thank you so much @whatsup!

I think one of the hardest journeys we can take in life is the one where we accompany a spouse to the door we are not able to enter with. My heart and admiration goes out to you for the strength you are summoning to make this journey with Brian and respecting his wishes along its path.

While you are looking after Brian.. don't forget to care for yourself.

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Thank you so much @shadowspub; that means so much to me. The fact that you recognize and appreciate how difficult this journey is for me tells me perhaps you've walked a similar path? or you're simply very empathetic. Thank you again <3

yes i have walked it @lynncoyle1... my husband died in 1989 after an 18 month illness.

@lynncoyle1, Gag the fat lady, heck, drug her up and lock her in the basement!! After reading your post I'm so happy that you ended with a smile. Stay strong and please be on the lookout for a warm fuzzy ball of good energy coming from 650 km below the equator.

@briancourteau you have her, and you got us and we will be doing whatever helps. You are not alone. Digital bearhugs and much love from my end of the woods

Sorry it took so long to reply @faustofraser; took a few days to drag the fat lady to the basement :) And I've received your warm fuzzy ball of good energy every single time I read your comment ... which has been plenty of times over these few days. Thank you so much for that; these comments give me such peace when I'm feeling down about things.

Brian and I both appreciate the bearhugs as well! Thank you for being awesome <3

Dear @lynncoyle1. Very, very sorry to read this post, but admire your openness about what you and Brian are now facing. What does one say in response?

"My answer to you is simply, with your heart."

While there are always opportunities through any given day to think about it, I think we are all somewhat similar. If we are ever going to do it, we often find times like this to be ones where we question the very meaning of life. For those of us who believe in God, there is no tougher question to answer than “if there is a loving God, why does He allow bad things to happen to good people?” There may be some disagreement on this, but this was always the hardest for me.

I do believe there is an answer. In times my family have gone through recently, facing similar situations, we find peace and strength to deal with it, through our faith. Believing there is ultimately a bright future to come.

I won’t belabor the point more, unless asked. Just know I have always appreciated who you are “in here” @lynncoyle1 and also very clear there are “real people” on the other side of our interactions. I will ask the community group my wife and I lead to pray for you and Brian, as ”with my heart” I don’t believe there is anything greater than I / we can do.

Also, now that I understand more clearly why you are coming to Texas, I hope you find the support you both need in meeting with family.

Thank you so much for the lovely response @roleerob! Brian and I both believe that there's something amazing in store for him when he leaves this earth, and me too eventually (no rush :). We also firmly believe that there will come a time when we're together again.

We both really appreciate all of you and your wife's prayers (and the community groups too); It's amazing to me to think that there are literally people all over the world who are praying, sending positive thoughts, energy etc. This steemit thing can really be something! <3

Spending some time with family is a good thing. You could use the rest after the past couple of days.

It’s a tuff road and not for the faint hearted. My best wishes always

Thank you @wolfhart; you of all people know exactly what we're going through. Lots of love right back to you from the two of us.

I hope that you can spend thanksgiving with family. No matter what we sure do have many things to be great full for.

You said it brother ;)

I've been dreading this kind of post for a while now, @lynncoyle1 and @briancourteau. And I wish I could say something to make it easier for both of you... but I can't.
All I can do is say that I'm thinking of you both every day, and I'm wishing you both all the courage and strength you'll need to cope with this.
I can,t even imagine what you are going through, and - like you predicted - I'm a bit lost for words. I could never have imagined I would be this upset about people I haven't even met in real life.

I hope you can still enjoy your moments together, and can find strength in all the positive things that have happened since you both met.

Make the most of whatever time you still have.

My heart and thoughts are with you both.

Resteemed, like you asked

Thank you so very much @simplymike; for someone at a loss for words, you said the perfect things :)

I could never have imagined I would be this upset about people I haven't even met in real life.

I feel the same about you <3

If I could I would be helping you gag the fat Lady so she cant sing, My thoughts are with you both

Thanks buddy; I know you would!

Oh Lynn, we are keeping both of you in our daily prayers. I think you two are so brave and inspirational for sharing so much of your life with us. I don’t know this journey you guys walk but am grateful to see your humor poke out still and your love for each other continue to penetrate our screens, our hearts and eventually our relationships. May God continue to bless both of you on this journey and all of us, here, will always support you continually. The community loves you xox

awww thank you so much @puravidaville and @dandays; you guys really are awesome and I hope our paths at some point cross in our lifetimes <3

I'm so sorry to hear about that Lynn. I wish you all the strength to go through this difficult period. Take care of each other!!

Thank you Daniel; we appreciate your kindness <3 Taking care of each other is all we can do! :)

sending all my love and all my hugs. Enjoy the little things. My thoughts are with you both xxx

Thank you @paulag! Big hugs <3

All the best to you both and your family. Enjoy some quality time and stuff a sock in that fat ladies mouth.

Fuck you, cancer.

Thank you @galenkp; we both appreciate that.

Fuck you, cancer.

You said it.

Hope things are well in your neck of the woods. Thanks again.

All good here. Killer weather and the weekend, what could go wrong?

Prayer. Love. All good things 💜🧡💚💙💜


Thank you so much @yogajill; as always, you're full of love and support. We both appreciate that so much.


Thank you so much for all of your support and caring @sparkesy43 <3

Sending hugs for both of you. And all the positive energy I can find to send.

Thank you so much for that @melinda010100; Brian and I both appreciate it <3

Best wishes and support for your strength during this difficult ordeal.

Thank you so much @donkeypong ... for everything. Brian and I appreciate it very much.

Dearest @lynncoyle1 and @briancourteau, I continue to hold you both in my heart.

Yesterday when I first read this post, I was so exhausted from too little sleep that I reacted with tears. All I could manage was an upvote. I was crying too much on and off and had to go offline. I just love you both so much and wish things could be different. But despite this human reaction, I know that all is in divine ordering.

Throughout it all, you continue to express and be with each other as only true twin soul mates can. Wayyyyyy higher frequency love than even the highest of the highest long term romantic soul mates. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and inspiring love with us, through this entire journey.

As you travel to stay with family, I'm happy that you will have the support of family around during this Thanksgiving month.

You are both so highly favored. Violet flame, blue lightning, golden and other angels enfold you both so closely now, as always, and will continue to. Dear Brian, easy, light-filled passage whenever it's time and we'll talk on the other side.

Warm heart Blessings and love to you both and to your family and loved ones, Lynn and Brian. I know you'll both be squeezing all the sweet, beautiful moments dry, dry, dry. I LOVE you.

PS Have already resteemed to help get the word out as you asked.

Thank you dearest @angelacs; you have such a loving spirit, and my message to Brian and i reflects that 100%. Thank you for such kind and caring words...it means the world to both Brian and I. All our love...

You have both been so open and honest and courageous in sharing this heartbreaking but all too familiar part of the human experience - how love makes loss so much more - and yet how love makes LIFE so much more... I am sending you all my love and prayers. Love you

awww Carl, thank you so much, from both Brian and I. As horrible as this is, I wouldn't trade it in for the world, if it meant not ever having Brian in my life. Lots of love right back atcha <3

Hey there lovely Lady...I have been absent a little recently due to family situation and such...

I now have time to be active again here...So I decided to check in on ya both...This recent update sounds awful...But I am gonna pray that it is not as bad as you think, as I am sure you pray every single, God-damn day! I wish there was a more practical way for us to be at hand properly! Rather than just words, but alas that's all we have.

You are a beautiful couple or as I usually say "double-act" oh my friend, if you could feel the very real outpouring of love and affection for you both you would be staggered!!! Trust me, words do not do justice to the feelings that back it up, if you could feel it for an instant...

I have a strange proposition for you, anytime night or day, feel free to use my DM on Discord Use as many F words and other expletives as you need to scream out how unfair this shit is...Someone needs to grab cancer and get the F rid of it, it is cruel and drags us over the coals for weeks, months or years, but thus far you have been frickin' awesome, keep trying to be as amazing as you feel able...That offer re: my DM or many other peoples DM they would be happy for you to use it in this fashion I guarantee, is real and heartfelt!!!

I used a similar strategy to release the bitter, venomous feelings a while back when going through something similar, this way when you face your loved one and look them in the eye, all of the bitter, angry feelings have disipated.

I keep wanting to find some words that make everything fine but sadly I can't 😔 I send as much love as is humanly possible to you beautiful Lady, I hope it is some comfort but I am not naive enough to think it makes everything alright. Give the stubborn mule a big kiss and hug from the community and make sure he knows just how much we love him whether he likes it or not :)

Keep taking a little time for yourself to let it all out! I know... know We love you too Lynn...A lot It feels painful to respond, but that just makes me think of your ordeal even more, just remember that when you entered this space, you gained another family, for better or worse! Reach-out whenever ...

Praying, wishing, hoping and whatever else we can do. take great care of you my friend, I know it hardly helps!!! 💓

You don't have to respond to this, just know I love you and Brian, I have tears and goosebumps, thank you for taking the time to update everyone here. Thank you for keeping us in the loop.

I hope you get a bit of ease when you get some much needed family support. I hope you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing it's not all resting on your shoulders for those moments.

I will resteem to spread the word to reach more of your #SteemFam.

Thank you so much Lyndsay, and I really appreciate you letting me off the hook as far as responding goes ... even though I'm totally ignoring it :)

The family support will be awesome; as strong as I am, it's great to have a break of some kind too. My oldest son is coming on his own for a week at the beginning of December, so that will be awesome too. No girlfriend, just him. I can't wait!

Thank you again <3

i m just speechless after reading this. May be i can't imagine what's going on inside you and what you are feeling right now. i can feel your pain but not as much as like you because i know when i lost my mother how it feels. When our dearest suffer of pain we only want them to b happy , cherish and want to support them as much as possible. My prayers will be always for you & Brian and was thinking about you believe it or not. Make Brian happy and spend time as much as possible to cherish him.. i can't say much more because i have no words to say except silence.

I'm so sorry about you mother @priyanarc; so of course, you understand. Your words are perfect to me too, thank you so much for caring.

heart goes out to you two sweet Lynn......let Brian know he is loved....and may all the hours, minutes, seconds, and moments be cherished always

oh yeah......choke that fat bitchlady, don't let her squeek a word out

awww thank you so much for that @dj123; Brian and I both appreciate it. You know as horrible as this all is, I wouldn't trade a second away if I knew I'd never have Brian in my life. Just gotta live minute by minute, and like you said, cherish it all.

Oh, that beatch is currently drugged in the basement :)

Hey, @lynncoyle1.

I've been wondering how things were. I guess the signs for this have been there in your absence. I'm glad you were able to get this update out. I'm sorry for what's going on, though.

It's a hard thing to say this, but I'm going to try. And when I mean hard, I'm not sure if it's hard for me, or hard for you, but hopefully, it won't be hard for either.

If Brian doesn't get sick, are you in Cancun, living each day to the fullest? Do you have the opportunity to spend as much time together, or are one of you or both spending at least part of the time working just to make ends meet. In the grand scheme of things, work seems of lessening importance to me than spending time together.

I'm not trying to downplay here. But I am looking around for the good in this. I think there has been some. Perhaps the harder part will be to find the good after. I know there will be some good when there's no more pain and suffering for Brian. I hope that whenever that part does end, that it can be a foundation for peace and something less stressful and painful for you, too. Because after what you've experienced with Brian and before with your ex-husband, it's time for a carefree life.

I'm not sure what you would do with yourself, though. :) And I'm still rooting against the whole cat shelter idea. Unless you really, really want it.

Thank you for the kind message Glen, and I've often thought the same ... I'm not sure we'd be here if his health was fine. And it's not lessening anything by looking at the good in things; it's what I try to do daily, but some days are more difficult than others :)

By the way, I'm kinda rooting against the whole cat shelter idea too now! I'll be going for carefree, because I think I deserve it :)

Thanks again Glen.

I have always wondered how bad things can happen to good people? I know that is naive sounding, but, you have to wonder where the balance is.

To love and be loved, well, I think you have achieved what so many people have not. You don't know me, but, I have read you on occasion and my heart goes out to you and your Brian.

On his terms. I both respect him and applaud him. When I read your words, the only thing I can say is that I pray for a merciful God. Bless both of you and may your hearts be caressed by your families love.

Upped and Steemed

Thank you so much @dswigle, I really appreciate your kindness. I too often wonder why bad things happen to good people and throughout these past months, I occasionally want to throw a toddler-sized-temper-tantrum, protesting the unfairness of it all. But then people would just think I'm crazy.

Or should I say crazier :)

the only thing I can say is that I pray for a merciful God.

Thank you <3


Hi Lynn,

Sooner or later, death is something all of us will face. It is unlikely that any of us will face it with more grace and nobility than have you and Brian.

Brian has made a choice: To die upon his feet instead of living upon his knees. It is a soldier's creed ... and one that takes courage.

He has my salute.

We will await your return.


Awwww Quill, you made me cry with this one ... in a good way. That soldier's creed is truly beautiful; Brian loved it.

I appreciate your view of how Brian and I are facing this as well, with grace and nobility. It's funny, because physically, I am the least graceful person you'll ever know; I fall up the stairs ... regularly :)

Thank you again @quillfire, really, I mean more than thank you implies <3

Sorry to hear things are getting worse. That's sad. Hopefully it passes like you mentioned and you two have many more years together. Either way my heart goes out to both of you. Much love and best wishes. <3

Thank you so much @apolymask; Brian and I both appreciate it. And you're right; who knows what the future holds? Fingers crossed :)

You're welcome, and thank you as well! And yeah.. Who knows! I'm more and more open to the possibilities these days.

Thank you @rasamuel! A lot <3

Hello you two, beautiful people. @lynnecoyle1 you guys have been on my mind lately and I just want you to know that your journey together has always been about love and inner strength and unwavering loyalty. By sharing your lives with us, you reveal your vulnerability but also the unbroken bond of true friendship between each other and it is a very beautiful thing to behold. It is also truly inspiring.

You have taught us much about perseverance, patience, and passion. You've shown us two, very courageous hearts beating as one. Cancer will never be the victor because, together, you have proved over and over again that your loving relationship is far stronger than any physical limitation and that it will ALWAYS remain.

Keeping you in my prayers, I send you my love and thanks for the gift of you both. (U & R )

Wow, thank you @trudeehunter! These are such loving and kind words, and it really has been amazing for Brian and I to see how we've affected so many here. In a strange kind of way, it's given some purpose to this whole journey of ours. <3

To find purpose in suffering is a blessing @lynncoyle1 and when I read other peoples responses to what you and Brian have shared from your heart of your journey together, I am convinced they have impacted a lot more steemians than what you realise. Sending, love, prayers and cyber hugs your way. xox

Just arrived and you guys are one of the first person I thought of, then I saw your post. Resteemed cause I know lot's of people have been wondering what's up.
I am heart broken to hear/read that shit hits the fan, I hope you're coping as much as you can, the both of you. I am sending you all my love and even did a prayer the other day.
I went to The nave of Corpus Christi Basilica in Kraków, there were that massive Jesus Cross, I am not particularly religious but It looked like it was probably the best place to send good vibes, I dunno, it was quite something.Lot's of love to all the family

awww @edprivat, thank you so much for that. I'm not terribly religious either, but when life presents you with such an opportunity, it's gotta mean something! Thank you again for that and all the love and support; it means so much to both of us.
Lots of love to you and your family too! <3

This is my first time reading about your journey, and I come to you with love and prayers. The decision to go on his own terms is brave, and I respect it deeply. May your love flow always. Be well.

Thank you @freedompoint; that's so kind of you to take the time to leave such a lovely comment. Brian and I both appreciate it <3

What an absolutely gut wrenching post. I do not know you guys personally...as you and I have only interacted a few times through comments, but I’ve been following closely ever since I first read about you 2. My eyes welled up reading this not only for the obvious difficult situation you guys are in, but for the absolute love that eminates from your words. I wish there were something...anything we could say or do to help the situation. Just know you both have the support of a community that truly cares behind you...whatever that’s worth. ❤️❤️

You leaving this comment is so unbelievably helpful ... and so very kind. The support of the community has given me such strength over these last several months; just knowing that so many are rooting for us, and care about our situations gives us both so much peace.

Thank you so much @blewitt <3

No problem. It’s always so hard to know what to say to someone as they face severe adversity. Glad it could help remind you that we do care.


This are rough news, I'll send you all the good energies so you can overcome this challenge, you can do it guys, FIGHTING!!!

Thank you for your kindness and positive energy @elfranz! Brian and I both appreciate it very much!

We are sending you guys lot of sun and positive vibes from Costa Rica! It's the 1st post we are reading from your blog, got our follow and we are waitinig for positive updates!!

awww thank you so much @route-m-d :) That means so much to the both of us!!

I saw this come up my on my feed and even though we've never interacted here I really feel for you guys. Please accept my best wishes and hope for Brian to recover.

Stay strong, Terry (Brisbane, Australia).

Thank you so much Terry! That's so kind of you to take the time to comment and send such well wishes. It's amazing to think how people from all over the world are rooting for us ... cosmically, it's gotta do something I hope! :)

I know its not PC but hold that fat lady down ;) We all love you @lynncoyle1 There is a lot of love being sent your way.

awww thank you so very much @steven-patrick! One day at a time here...so for today, f*#k PC, I've got her beat! :)

Pray for miracle ~~~~🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Thank you @pizzapai! from both of us <3


My heart and prayers are with you both right now. You are an amazing couple, so beautiful to see the love you have for each other.

Thank you @birdsinparadise! Brian and I are both so thankful for all of your thoughts and prayers and kind words <3

I really don't know what to, I am really sorry. I cannot even begin to imagine how demanding this period is for you. Be strong.

Thank you for the kind words @nonsowrites. We appreciate it so much :)

sending you strength and my best wishes .. you are both brave souls and I admire you for that . I wish I could be of more help :(

Thank you so much @pechichemena; your kind words and well wishes help more than you know. Seriously, I draw such strength from all of these comments. Thank you again <3

Lots of love and prayers for you guys 💕

Thank you @starjewel, from both Brian and I <3

While we haven't been aquainted until now I want to leave you a brief message letting you know that there's another stranger on the blockchain keeping you both (and your family) in his thoughts.

There's never an easy way to let go of the ones we love, but please know that even when his time comes to leave his body, his spirit will remain with you always. No matter what your beliefs are, as long as you remember him, he exists. Even if it's only in your heart, and that's all that matters.

I just finished going through a cancer scare with my best friend who is thankfully in remission at this point. I know how dark some days can be as I was the only one in his life that he could be completely honest with. I know it's sometimes as hard, if not harder to be the supportive role in these things, so please don't forget to find opportunities for self care so you can be strong when he needs you.

I pray that the Universe will fill your time together with lots of laughs and love, and that your time with family is as rewarding and healing as possible.

Sending love through the blockchain,


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Thank you so much @abhaya504 for such a lovely comment; it means the world to both Brian and I. I'm also glad to hear that your friend is in remission. You're right too ... the supportive role can be very difficult at times, but worth it all in the end.

thank you again <3

<3 Prayers for You Both <3

Thank you so much @elsiekjay <3

Sending you both my best thoughts. Fuck cancer.

You said it spidey! Thank you so much <3

We didn't meet here so far but as the article has been resteemed into my feed I want to wish you both strength and many nice moments within the next weeks.

Thank you so much @isarmoewe! You taking the time to send such a thoughtful reply means the world to both Brian and I.

I am very sorry for the things you are facing. You are so brave to face them and not turn away. Losing someone is very hard to lean on away you trust when the time comes. I am hoping it doesn't come soon as I know you have much more you want to do with him.

My heart is aching for you and Brain! Know that you two are in Sheila and my prayers and thoughts. We are sending you both positive healing energy. Hugs and Love!

aww thank you Roger; Brian and I are so thankful for it! Big hugs to you and Sheila <3

I am speechless.
Sending love and prayers to both of you.

I understand completely @joelai. Thank you for the love and prayers ... I have to believe it all helps <3

Take care of yourself too @lynncoyle1!

Thank you; I try my best :)

I'm not good with words in situations like this...

I wish you a lot of strength Lynn and I'm sending lots of love and prayers in your direction..

Thank you so much @delishtreats; I'd say you're perfect with words <3

Not been here much either lately. Just keeping up with the pifc.
You know you are in my thoughts.

Thank you @headchange; I know we are. <3

Hope you're doing ok?

Jesus I had no idea . This post really makes you think about my own life and I realise all my problems are in minute compared . I wish you all the best in the coming months .

Jesus I hide it well :) Thanks @blanchy, seriously; me and Brian's story has affected so many here, in so many ways, and if it makes you see your life a little differently, in a good way, then it somehow gives a little purpose to everything we're going through.

Sending all the love in the world to you both💗

Thank you very much @letsgetquirky! Brian and I are so appreciative of all the love and support from everyone here, including you of course <3

I am so sorry to hear about this! I wish you the best!

I totally understand his decision of going out on his own. I am glad you are meeting up with family members. It ain't easy for any of you. Take a deep breath and enjoy your time left together.

Thank you for your kind words and for understanding Brian's position @lymepoet. It's not easy at times, that's for sure, so it'll be nice to take the weight off my shoulders, if even for a week <3

I could say that I still hope for a miracle. But I'm afraid that won't happen. Unless the miracle is that you have a few very good days, weeks or even months together.

The best I can come up with is that you need to give Brian a hug for each comment this post received.

Sorry it took so long to reply; I was busy following your orders :) There's over 90 comments here I think ...that's a lot of hugs!

Thank you @crypto-econom1st for all of your caring and support. It really does mean a lot to us.

I'm ok if you keep hoping for a miracle too <3

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It's the right thing to do. Taking care of yourselves is most important. Everything else will just to have to take a back seat. I hope the trip to visit your family will go well. We're going to be closer too. We'll be in Vegas that week. 💜 u both

thank your the support as always @tryskele! Too bad Vegas and Dallas weren't a bit closer :) but have piles of fun! You deserve it!

Big hugs to you and Brian. I am glad that you are so strong together and have so much love for each other.

Thank you @mariannewest; Brian and i both appreciate it <3

Been kind of absent here myself last days, so I hadn't noticed a thing until I read this. For what is worth, it's conforting to see that you're "getting the bull by the horns" (an expression we use in Portugal, when someone confronts a problem or situation heads up like you seem to do). Whish you all the strenght in the world for you and Brian; keep choking that fat lady!

Thank you so much @pardinus! My father is from Belgium and I grew up with "take the bull by the horns" haha. That's exactly what I'm doing :) And my hands are strong ... the fat lady doesn't know what hit her haha

That's the spirit! ;) A big hug for you both, and if I can help in anyway in kicking the fat lady's ass, let me know; I know quite a few choking techniques ;)

I'm pretty new here and it hurts me to read such stories. I really hope the pain management works well on him and i also wish to you and him the strength to hold on. I absolutely understand his decision. It's better to live happier a bit shorter than to live unhappy with all the side effects of the therapies a bit longer.

Feel hugged you both.

You do understand @bb-photo-artist! Life is too short and too precious to spend it feeling sick, for the sole purpose of extending your life.

Wish you the best and pray for your strength through this hard time.

Thank you @joalvarez, Brian and I both appreciate it <3

In reading your posts over the past year, I feel like I've been reading one of the greatest love stories of all time, seriously. Yours and Brian's compatibility, love, and dedication to each other is amazing. Both of you are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.


awww thank you so much @thekittygirl! Brian and I appreciate that. Such a sweet thing to say too ...we feel very fortunate to have found each other and what we have

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I'm so sorry to hear what's going on with you at this time and my thoughts are with you both. Spend that precious time with loved ones.

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Thank you very much @nickyhavey; Brian and I both appreciate your kindness <3

Continue the fight and never give up. We will pray for the both of you, I lost my mom thru cancer. Have faith and hold on as your love is stronger. You would both get thru this just have faith.

Thank you @watersnake101! We're not giving up yet, but taking a break from here just allows us to focus on each other more. I'm so sorry for your mom too. I hope you're right about our love; that would really be something.

Sending Brian my prayers and my love and support to both of you!

Thank you so much @oleg326756! That means a lot to Brian and I <3

All the best for your family gathering. It is an important time and one that we rarely make the time for when everything is normal. I've found that it is a time when we find out that the baggage that we've been holding onto has not had the same impact on the people that we thought it had. So, a time for airing out and putting things to bed....

It's not over until the fat lady sings, and right now, I'm gagging her so she can't :)

I've always wanted to do this.... but in a more literal sense, rather than a metaphorical one...

Thank you @bengy, the time with family will be great, even if it's just because I haven't seen them for almost a year and a half.

I've always wanted to do this.... but in a more literal sense, rather than a metaphorical one...

That, I'd pay to see :)

Sounds like our family, being on the other side of the planet makes it a little tricky to get together...

Teary eye this gave me. I Can imagine how strong you are to face this. I lost a fellow artist and I couldn't be myself for days. You are really strong and My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Best wishes

I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend @unyimeetuk; death is natural, but so very difficult to deal with. Thank you as always for your kindness and prayers <3

Death is really a difficult thing to deal with. Stay strong and stay beautiful

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I pray for you @lyncole1, nothing more I can do, but this positive energy is going to be with you always. Brian is strong man I knew this far, he can make this easier. prayer from Aceh with love for both of you

Thank you so much @el-nailul; we both appreciate all the love and prayers you have to offer <3

God bless you both. You never know what life will bring you, and many times it doesn't seem fair! Brian is so lucky too have you in his corner and him in yours. I will pray for the both of you. Let strength of spirit guide you in sudden misfortune. "Desiderata"

Thank you @thebigsweed for your very kind and thoughtful reply; it means a lot to Brian and I <3

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I came here to thank you for the donation for my camera, but after reading this I find myself at a loss to even know what you are going through. I can only hope for you that somehow things take a turn for the better, some miracle comes...it's not over until it is...

Thank you so much @wales, and you're welcome :) I'm totally rooting for that new camera for you! I agree too; I'm sure not throwing in the towel yet, because it's not over until it is !! <3

I am so sorry... for all that is happening... Prayers and thoughts and hugs for you...
But am glad you will both have some time with family and you, for their support too. It is not an easy road - I just lost my sis 3 weeks ago today and a friend just lost her mum last week.

Spend all and as much time as you can together, and have all the smiles, laughter and fun you can... and more. All my best wishes and much strength to you both.

Thank you so much @ackhoo, for your kind and thoughtful comment. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister and your friend's mom. There's just too much of it everywhere; it makes me sad.

Thank you, @lynncoyle1... Makes me sad too.
Take care, and I wish you both all the best 💗💗

Prayers and hugs. Really... If I were there with you, I would not have many words but hugs. And love. ❤️

I always take time to read your updates a few times and formulate a response, but I didn't come up with anything profound. I'm really sorry that things have been progressing, but still incredibly proud of both of you. Still praying for healing!

It's not over until the fat lady sings, and right now, I'm gagging her so she can't :)

That made me smile.

Your thoughtfulness and kindness has always seemed profound to me. Seriously, thank you for everything <3

I can't imagine what the two of you are going through, but I can tell from the way you write that you are doing your best and being incredible strong despite everything. I wish the both of you all the best, and encourage you to spend your time where it is most needed, and to take care of yourself as well.

Thank you so much @corinneiskorean; you're support means a lot to both of us. And yes, I do make sure to care for myself too; I won't make much of a caregiver if I'm falling apart at the seams :)