A Memory to Cherish

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Life is made of moments. Some escape us for a while, only to return at unexpected times.

This morning, I was walking outside, enjoying the crisp air and quiet, thinking about the times I spent volunteering at a sanctuary that rescues wild animals.

Singing at Valley of the Kings Sanctuary

It's been twenty years, now, since I got to spend my time with lions, tigers, wolves, cougars, and an assortment of abandoned, formerly-abused, and retired animals. There was a camel, I remember, and a barn full of semi-feral cats who were all fixed and well-fed. The kitties would try to sneak into your car to get you to take them home if you weren't watching.

Such characters, all of them.

When I lived closer to the sanctuary, I'd drive almost two hours each way to visit, stopping at a grocery store along the way to pick up trays of chicken legs and any meat that was on sale to feed to the cats through the chain link fence. Some of the older cats couldn't eat the bones, like the young ones, so I'd get them ground turkey. They loved the treats, and would make a sound that wasn't quite a purr, but came across the same way.

Valley of the Kings Sanctuary continues to provide homes for wild animals of all kinds. There are foxes and turkeys, and a giant turtle, it appears, looking on their FB page. It's an amazing rescue organization run by people with such big hearts.

I think about my time there often, but, until this morning, I'd completely forgotten one special day I spent there.

A friend of mine came up with me, and he brought his guitar. At the end of the day, when most of the visitors were gone, he and I gave the animals a concert. I sang, he sang and strummed. The pride of lions near us watched and listened with interest, as did the rest of the animals.

Afterwards, when we'd finished, the tigers and lions roared, giving us a concert of their own. What a powerful, magical memory! I'm so glad it appeared in my brain this morning, bringing tears to my eyes.

Life is made of moments. Cherish the good ones!


To learn more about the Valley of the Kings Sanctuary, check out their website at https://votk.org/, and please consider donating if you're called to help their cause.

Thanks for reading!

Whatever happens, keep singing your song!

Peace. @katrina-ariel

Katrina Ariel
All photos mine.

Author bio: Katrina Ariel is an old-soul rebel, musician, tree-hugging yogini, and mama bear to twins. Author of Yoga for Dragon Riders (non-fiction) and Wild Horse Heart (romance), she's another free-spirit swimming in the ocean of life. Check out her music here: https://choon.co/artists/katrina-ariel/


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What a great memory to cherish @katrina-ariel! The animals look like they are enjoying the time you spent with them

Thank you! And, yes, the animals enjoyed the attention as much as I did. ;)

Awesome that you did that. One day I hope to be able to do something like this as well.

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Thank you! It was such an amazing experience. You can always sing to your pets. They don't care how good you are, just that you give them attention, but you knew that. ;) And any kind of offering you can make local rescues helps, even if you're just dropping off a few extra towels and blankets. There are so many rescue organizations that do amazing work, and every little contribution makes a difference. I just read your post about your pup, and I know you're already making a difference. Keep being you!


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Thanks so much!

Your deeds are truly noble

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Thank you! That's very kind.

Oh gosh, that's such an amazing memory, and a few great photos as well! What magnificent creatures they are.

Please tell me you meant this, to be funny...


They're so magnificent.

Funny, does it show up that way? What browser/UI are you using? I should probably stop putting names on the pics if they do that. lol!

Steempeak. I thought it was a funny play of 'line' and 'lion' - I'd be lyin' if I said it wasn't funny, he he...

Ha! Well, glad you got a laugh out of it, and now I know not to tag the line photo. ;)

WOW that must have been such an amazing experience ;)

It really was. Memories to last a lifetime. :)

That’s great 👍🙂👍

That would have been supercool to hear them serenade you back! Experience is what life is, every moment to the next.

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It was such an incredible experience. Animals have so much love to give, and they appreciate kindness in many forms, but you already knew that. ;) Thanks for the sweet comment and I appreciate the curation!

Any time! I'm kinda jealous because the only wild animals that sing to me live in my house and have my last name and sometimes scream and cry and did I say my kids? BWAHAHAHAAA! I do love a good cricket or frog concert with the songbirds as back up vocalists. Could you imagine living like in or near a jungle?

Edit: wait, you did, didn't you?

Ha! Yes, wild humans are loud. I spent some time in a rainforest in Costa Rica, which was wonderful and wild and... wet. lol! But the sounds in Tennessee are pretty amazing, too—birds and frogs and such. :)

How wonderful to be able to spend time with those recue animals especially the big cats! Lovely that you could serenade themand have them give a song in reply a bit of magic!

It was so special. I feel incredibly fortunate that I found this place and spent as much time there as I did. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. :)

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