🤸 Bringing Acroyoga to Steemfest2: How acroyoga helps build trust in your community! 🤸

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The other day, we had a get together with all of our acroyoga buddies. We had such a fun experience trying to recreate a pose we saw on Instagram. Often times, on Instagram or other social media sites, you only see the final pose. What you may not realize is that it usually takes a community to help with a difficult pose. There are people in the background that are not in the photos that help support and keep the flyer and base safe. There is more to the photo than meets the eye.


Take this photo above as an example. When people look at it, the only thought that may cross their minds is how cool the pose is. It actually took us 3 attempts with a lot of help.... and yes... we are all color coordinated, and no, it was not planned.

That's the amazing thing about acroyoga, it builds so much trust with you and your community. I actually had a friend spotting me from behind to make sure that I wouldn't fall from all of the weight I would have to hold. I had to trust that my spotter would catch me if I fell, and my friends @val.halla on the right had to trust that I would hold her.

Acroyoga is a team building sport. You can not successfully do acroyoga without the help of others, and it really helps bring people together.

That's why @acromott and I will be traveling to Steemfest this year to teach beginner acroyoga class! We believe it will bring our community closer together. If you would like to help support @acromott and help him win tickets to Steemfest 2, check out @quinneaker's latest post! He is giving away one free ticket! Please comment and upvote to show your support. Link here.


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Thanks @karensuestudios for sharing these article! :-)


np! Thanks for stopping by.

its really good post

wooooow very good👍👍👍👍👌👌👌


thank you!

First, of all Im having a food break :P

I never thought about it, how acro gets people to work together!


LOL! Food break/steemit break! hahaha get back to it! :)

I may have to pack my sports gear for this one then!


aww do it! :) they also have yoga class in the morning too!

Very very awesome and it looks like fun 😊!


thanks! It was so much fun!

asome guys 😍😛😘😊


thank you!

Precioso, magnifico, ejemplar, incomparable, lindo, precioso, el trabajo de esta gimnasia acrobática. muy bueno, me ha gustado mucho, por eso le he dado resteem, le he dado mi voto y le estoy siguiendo. me gusta comentar los post, que tienen significado y valor..


aww thanks for the resteem! :)

I keep watching the news on the fires out there and was wondering how you are doing there? It has to be scary there right now.


awww we are okay in Sacramento. Napa Valley not so much. Thank you for asking! Some of our friends families lost their homes in the fire. Hoping the fires stop soon.

Great 💕

Judging on the picture that looked like a lot of fun!


it was so much fun! :)

follow me.... i will back

So, I knew this was a thing. But I didn't know it had a name nor did I know it would be a type of Yoga.

Now quick question, wouldn't this add more stress trying to get multiple people to do it correctly rather than un-stress your life?


hahahha it's like a fun puzzle you are trying to solve with friends! :) It distresses you as any physical activity would! You should totally try it sometime. Wish you were going to Steemfest, I would teach ya!


Next year for sure. I will bring the lady haha.


yea!! :) Will be so much fun!

That looked like it was quite intense to set up get right :)

Good luck at steemfest!


aww thanks! It will be so much fun! Will you be attending?