How emotionally healthy are you?

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I took some time today and thought plenty about life. One thought is am I emotionally healthy and if so why and why not. I did some research and saw some videos and here is the best that I came up with. This will mainly be questions that you need to ask yourself.


How much can you be friends with yourself? When you meet someone who has more than you do you feel pitiful about your self or do you just let it go. When someone insults you either let it go or agree with who said that. In relationships do you love yourself enough to leave a toxic relationship or do you just continue due to being accustomed to it? Switching sides if you're the one who messes up do you understand that you did and apologize to the other person? At work, it's important to know what you're worth. You need to show it or forever hide in the shadows.


When times are tough, do you admit it or lie to yourself to make yourself feel better? Exploring your mind and going to the deepest and darkest corners will tell you who you are. When being criticized do you only take it to that specific topic or do you take that to heart about you in general? You must always be ready to listen even if the topic is something you've been avoiding.


When others upset you do you communicate with them or slam doors and retreat into sulk. Can you put your disappointments into words so others can see your point? Or do you internalize the pain and discharge us with rage?


How readily are you to survive the daily challenges of life? Will new people help or wound you? If you're in love how clingy are you and why not give them space? Do you need to be controlling if so how controlling? Can you approach a good looking stranger? Can you move on from an unsatisfying person?

Many of these questions are really hard to answer because the answer can depend on the situation. But even so, you're at least giving this thought and it will help you in the long run.

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