if it all happens | it's just the one right word I say for you "thank you"

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** Good Nigth All lovers**

When later on, in fact we avoid each other and no longer seek each other, remember well: that no matter how fun at the end of this story, I will surely remember you as someone who once loved me with good and wise.

When later on, you suddenly doubt you can believe this; that long before I recognized your smile, long before your stories ran through me, long before I put my admiration on your intelligent and human sentences, you remember the time when I still wanted to be with you - despite all your mess, know it was my simple attempt to make sure; that your feelings for me still pretty much make you love me till tomorrow and the next day.

When later, someone you choose later to be the cause of your happiness is not me anymore, then I just want to thank you; thank you for teaching me how to improve and keep improving, steadfast patient with all the circumstances thanks for being willing to understand all the grief and the wound I felt, which was better than anyone. Thank you for ever helping me from all my bad ideas and wrong thoughts.

Thanks for the fun time, stories, arguments, and discussions you ever wanted to share with me.

I've been happy.
At that time. Very.
And if not again. Currently. It's okay, I've been quite happy to have been happy at that moment with you.

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