Love till it hurts!

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"I have found paradox that, if you love so much until it hurts, there will be no more hurt or pain."- Mother Theresa.

I Feel Blessed!

I like the above quote because it simply states it as it should be. You must love beyond just loving. You must have loved someone or things till it hurts because only then can there be no more pain or hurt in the world.

If we all have loved someone so dearly, we will never have to come in contact with someone who will cause us pain because after having felt pain, we ouldn't wish it on someone else.

The Lord Jesus Christ is a perfect example. Romans 5:8-10.
He took her stripes and pains and then went on to die a death that will qualify us for eternal life. We must all live like we are living for someone and when we do die, we may have died for some to be truly happy.

Finding paradox should be everyone's thing.
When you find paradox, you will live life like there is no pain or hurt therein.
When you find paradox, you will understand why you should leave everyone happier than you met them.
Living for others should be everyone's thing and getting to first feel the pain and joy so they are truly happy should be your thing.
Living and always expecting to be given is not the best way to live life. Look for those you can give to and make sure you give till you have nothing left to give.

Make the world a better place for someone today!

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as long as feeling hurt :)

I concur with you sir, there is a limit \ extent you love = there will be no pain.

Look for those you can give to and make sure you give till you have nothing left to give.

I tend to find more strength within the words above. So much strength is required to show this kind of love. Thank you @ejemai for sharing

Mother Theresa is actually right ! it still very hurts most times...

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Glad i didn't miss this; it would definitely work out better if everyone gets to have a taste of pain, that way we'd all think twice about pushing the "hurt" button on someone's heart.

hi @ejemai Still with me @arul101 has seen amazing postings from you, but blog me there are also some interesting posts

Yes @ejemai. Pains will no longer be pains if we begin to love it. We Indians are so blessed to have Mother Theresa's name attached to our country. The selfless service the mother had done to the leprosy patients while she was in india is a story that brings in tears even today when we read/hear it!

This is beautiful message sir. Whenever we our give sacrifice for someone we love, definitely we are showing how much we love that person.
So therefore, there is a reward for any pains we take for someone as our Jesus did for us to have everlasting life.

Perfect write up with a good example of our Lord Jesus.Always posting interesting article @ejemai

I dislike love tho, makes you weak and vunerable to the person being loved.

Very good @ejemai
I like your post, amazing

I agree to this. :) The same goes with the activities we are doing for the kids now. :) We have conducted a Vacation Bible School for them for 3 days and that was so exhaustive and by wednesday, we will go back there to give them school supplies. It is tiring but because of the love in our hearts for them, we will still be doing this. :)

It is beyond what you have said. It is the life you have lived and still live. You live for us,and leave us better than you met us. Grateful @ejemai

I totally agree but I think it's also important that we love ourselves. We cannot give what we don't have. So we can't love someone else if we don't love ourselves. It has to start from us and from within before we can pass it on to others. Thank you @ejemai for sharing