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RE: REPOST 1/10: Why I don't wear a wedding ring - philosophy and advice for my children

in #love4 years ago

I'm glad to see you're doing so well and have a lot of followers, @onetree!

Of course you're right about all society's bullshit about marriage. I thought of marriage as a day-long party to celebrate our finding each other and being so happy. We did a few things our parents would enjoy and the rest was based on aesthetics and our own tastes. Legal and religious contracts have absolutely no meaning to me so I don't give them any thought.

The only real reason to write up a contract is to decide how to transfer assets to your children, which you can just do with a living will.


Wow, reaaaaally long time! I am happy you enjoyed your day and I remember the photos. I just feel love should be governed by laws. Anyone flirting with me due to my ringless status doesn't usually get past 3 and a half seconds.

Yes, and now we have profile pictures! My husband and I only wear the rings for fancy occasions where jewelry fits in well. I guess some people really think no ring = single and ring = taken. Lol!

It is really nice to hear from you again! We all jyst need to live our lives and not worrying if those around us are fitting in, or if we fit in! Oh, and I gained too much weight and my ring no longer fit. 😂

Agreed! My mom's ring turned her finger green! Haha.

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