How to succeed with women (with Hamilton gifs)

in #love6 years ago

Hey, bros. Wanna know how I do so well with the ladies?

Well, listen to me and I'll tell you my secret:


Really, that's it. That's the beginning, middle, and end.

Okay. I'll elaborate.

You know how you're a person with complex feelings and stuff? Well, a woman is like that. A human person, just like you. I could resort to "you have a mother, probably?" But I won't, because I know some dudes separate their moms from other women, as if they are some unique unicorn. And I know some dudes barely look at their moms like people.

They are, though. People, I mean.

Some of them will be smarter than you. Some of them will be stronger than you. Most of them will have better pain tolerance than most of you, because of the thing where cis women have pain and bleeding every month for DECADES.

So how does realizing women are people help you with the ladies? Well, it turns out, people like being treated as people. Weird, I know. If you treat people with kindness and respect, they will think better of you.

And if they're attracted to you (which, sadly, often has more to do with physical type and pheromones), them thinking better of you can lead the relationship a certain way.

But, and here's another kicker, you know the thing in When Harry Met Sally about how women and men can't be friends? That, dear readers, is bullshit that must be eradicated with actual fire.

Most of my friends are women. Many women are great friends! Many are not. Because what are they? That's right, PEOPLE.

You know in the Smurfs, how every smurf had their own thing, their own characteristic that made them who they were, except Smurfette, whose characteristic was that she was female? Life's not like that. That actually has a name. The Smurfette principle. And it's part of how popular media often tells us women aren't people.

So, to sum up: If you want women to like you, you need to like women. AS PEOPLE.

This post of absolutely obvious information brought to you by the frustrations expressed over and over again by many women I care about. It was also inspired by my friend @techslut's post The Secret to Success with Women.

I hope you like this post, and my words...


This gave me my morning laughs as well as a nice warm fuzzy feeling. Thanks!

I like women and I prioritize them to be mi friends even thought, I am a man. My one and only reason is they have more understanding and respect for rare and different opinions and it is possible to talk to them about it. Men who I meet are often like that too. But I meet a lot of men who have monopoly on the only true answers and are not willing to give them up.

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