The true love of Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori

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In the summer of 2014, legendary Italian actor and musician Adriano Celentano and his wife, Claudia Mori, celebrated their golden wedding - 50 years together in a legal union, the result of which are three children - Rossita, Giacomo and Rosalinda, who became known to the general public after their participation in Mel Gibson's drama "The Passion of Christ." Earlier this year, Chelentano, who is the best-selling Italian singer of all time, turned 80. Claudia - as well as a performer and actress who has been involved in several of his directorial projects - has turned 74. Cheltenham and Mori's fame and fame are commensurate with those of their most successful Hollywood counterparts, but one thing distinguishes them from most star pairs, and not only. Despite all the vicissitudes of the fate and the frivolous, frivolous nature of the artist, such as the two husbands, Cheltenhamno and Mori are together for 50 years! A half-century love story that began in 1963 on the set of the comedy Uno strano tipo that deserves to be told, and why not screened in the genre of the romantic comedy ... When they meet for the first time while they shoot Uno strano tipo, in which Celentano performs the lead role (both self-starring, the absolute star on the music scene, and the average inhabitant of a small town that resembles Cheltenham's that it is used as his ambassador-imitator), the demanding Italian is not much impressed by her future husband, considering his stage image to be too outrageous.

However, Cheltenhamo is captured by the 20-year-old actress who appears mostly in cinema musicals, although at that time he has a relationship with another woman, Milena Kantu, who is leaving. He is trying to win the favor and provoked interest from Claudia, confronting her unwavering refusal to ignore her scruples and to take down the guard against the woman adored by women. But it is the cause of an accident that forces her to pay more attention to it. While in one of the shooting pavilions, due to her inadvertently short circuit, the glass roof of the building explodes and pieces of it scratch Cheltenham's face. Worried, Claudia spits Adriano with excuses and agrees to drink coffee together. Only an hour later they both kiss passionately in the dressing room. But even after the incident, the Italian beauty continues to observe distance, as it still adheres to the initial conviction that Cheltenhamo is unreliable. After the film's filming, Adriano managed to get Claudia to come to his concert by giving her a ticket for the first line. At the show's end, he performs a romantic ballad, after which he turns personally to Mori in front of the audience to explain her in love. This marks the start of their amazing journey, which continues to this day. Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori marry on July 14, 1964, at 3 o'clock in the morning, to slip out of the paparazzi, persecuting them at every turn, even succeeding in quarreling because she does not like the tie he has put on. A year later, the biggest of their three children is born.

Cheltenham is a living proof of the fact that artists who have achieved the desired fame and fame are of a difficult nature, so Mori wisely decides to sacrifice their careers for their marriage. She not only makes him a father of three children, but becomes his moral support both in life and in his work. She starred as a manager and impresario, and took the lead in Clan Celentano's family record label, which they both founded to stop wasting their nerves and time in the confrontation with producers and publishers. Throughout the years, Claudia has invested energy in organizing and observing its commitments, and not once helping it overcome severe mental crises. Once, the local photojournalists reached the rumor that not far from the railway line of Brianza Chelentano was on the rails, intending to commit suicide. They run into the station immediately, but at the same time Claudia comes to him and starts to hurt him and begs to get out of the rails. Her insistence is heard at the last possible moment when the train is already heard and seen very close. Cheltenhamne rises, and they are reconciled to the reporters' lenses, whose archives keep records of the story today.

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Interesting post! Keep up with good work! :)

True love stories never have endings :)

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True love they say doesn't exist for celebrities but not in this case.

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