My love

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My love so deep it touches every inch of her skin,
Myy love so filling it soothes the dryness of her soul.she was left in tears ,bound by humanities horror,her love was battered ,wounded ,torn .With my tears of despair for her massacred love her wound was heal ,I took her up on my carpet bound to a city so magical ,love enticed her once more .love like this she knew not ,love that touched so deeply into the curvature of her soul ,into the depths of her darkest secrets my love reached. stretching out arms of rescue trying not to let that love so pure slip away ,she screamed ,help ,into her ocean i plunged ,deeply to save that ever abiding love ,she screamed ,i plunged even deeper ,searching for love so true ,with my last breath reaching beyond depths unattainable ,my chest pushed against my heart as she gasped her last breath of overflowing ,spilling ever abiding love .she curled ,griping onto me as she sunk deeper in to the abyss of drowning satisfaction ,releasing cries of pleasure as we both reached the ocean floor ,there we were ,standing, lying at the sametime ,in a world so cold yet so warm,in each other's arm.


That's a beautiful love poem I really enjoyed that. @chipmusical

Thanks bro appreciate it

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