A farewell to you all and a Poem to You Friends and to My Love

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Well My friends. It is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell for a while and honestly possibly permanently as my health tumbles. This is a poem to my love as you know and also a heart felt thank you to all of you. You are all my friends. I am forever grateful for the time here and the friendships made. I hope you all come back every once in a while to read my posts and I hope we have made an impact on your lives in a good way. I ask if you can resteem this post as I would be so thankful that my message reaches all of you. I will miss the digital bear hugs from you all my friends. When I came here to Steemit the intent was to just vent about my situation and the love that burns in my soul for @lynncoyle1. I am here to say that if any of you could ever meet her in person you would know that she was put here as that special angel to listen to all, never judgemental and her love is so real, so intense and will last a lifetime. I know that meeting her here is to her like meeting in person. The joy and the unique situation of Steemit makes this possible. I have seen her talk to me about you all. The tears , laughter or the squeal of delight she gets from stories and actually learning something new here. I know now why the moment I saw her I knew hat I had to have her. Love her, protect her and most of all worship her. Thank you my Babylooo.

To me steemit friends I wish you all a good life and those friends here fighting like me or struggling I will drop by and hold your hand if needed and say prayers each day.

I can say this now



What is the love of a Friend?

Friendship is a strong thread
Which can never be broken
It's a part of the spider web
That holds the web strong and tight

Friendship is everlasting
its a sign of accomplishment
And can only be destroyed
When death comes by

Friendship is like a delicate leaf
which is smooth soft and beautiful
Which once destroyed
Can never be the same again

It is a thing which connects
Two human souls with a bond of love
The strength that carries us through

Friendship is unbreakable
It strengthens with Love, affection and care.
It is the greatest gift anyone can give you
The gift of there heart as a friend

To you my Love (@lynncoyle1)

You know as I continue to fight this cancer
It feels like a war and I am losing ground
My heart is being pierced by a lancer
Its growing quiet and i hear no sound

My heart beats strong and my soul burns with fire
The body grows weak and on it the cancer will feast
It's in my heart and soul that tells me it's you I desire
so in those places I wage the war against this beast

The day will come when I no longer wake
Fear not as I see that determination in your face
But believe me you have made my world shake
Keep living your life and adventures like you are in outer space

I will worship you until hell freezes over and earth stands still
Even though in the end the Cancer has made it's kill
I am but a whisper away and should you ever need me
I am the Raven that swoops down wings spread for you to see

I am but a whisper that you can call when you are lonely and sad
No worries my love, I am here so there is no need to get mad
At night when you go to bed and slowly go to sleep
I am sitting on the edge of the bed so there is no need to weep

During the night you will toss and turn as you dream
Again no worries my love, I am holding your hand as we were a team
I will strive to still guide you further in your life
Because you Babylooooooooo were the most amazing wife

Continue to live as lifes lessons never cease to teach
Remember our walks along a beautiful Sandy white beach
So I sit and wait with our pets for you to arrive beside me
Then once again we can snuggle, chat and drink some tea

So when I die just lean over and kiss me one more time
Whisper in my ear some lovely words that rhyme
Goodbye is not a word for us when I pass from this cancer
Once it ends I will again be that funny awesome beautiful dancer

I will wait forever for you so do not rush to be with me
I am an angel thats here to help guide people up here for God to see
I will do this job as I have lived and always tried my absolute best
when you get there I can smile because I continued to do my best

So Live Love and Laugh My Babyloooo
Remember our dreams even the ones that fell short
Because its you that gave me the thrill of my lifetime
and even the sands of time could not change it


Thank you for the poem and for the courage you continue to show. Wishing you and Lynn all the strength in the universe as you fight this.

Thanks my amazing friend. You are a true friend who kept in touch and lifted my spirits in so many ways. More than I could ever say. You be safe and remeber in our one life to live, love and laugh

So beautiful..

You have been an inspiration to us all Brain and Lynn as well. Prayers and Thoughts out to you both.

Brian I knew from Lynn that things were going worse from you, that and I hadn't heard from you on Discord. It's sad that you feel this might be your last post here, but glad you said we will keep in touch on discord. When you sent me the message yesterday I couldn't come here to read the post...odd right? Something that I knew was coming sooner or later, just kept holding out hope it would be later.

I have enjoyed our chats and becoming friends who have yet to meet in real life. Truly hope one day we get to grab that beer together.

I will still be on discord. Tell Wolfhart to keep well and fight hard. You my friend are an amazing person. Lokk ater your great family and I have something planned lol just for you. Beers we will have in this life or the next.

Funny you worded it that way about the beers, had it almost word for word like that and then changed it to try and stay more positive. Wolf hart is fighting hard and even came back to judge this week to give Lynn the week off. He said it would be good for him to have a mental break from everything. It's an off week for the Kemo so he has some downtime. Then he's back at the Kemo next week.

Not sure if I should be excited or scared....I remember what we did to Lynn with the clowns...so you having something planned for me could go either way...lmao.

I tossed in a vote since Brian was running low on ammo.

Thank you, saves the dust!

cant upvote. no voting strength lol. anyway my brother I am keeping positive but the blood in bathroom duties and i even spit it up. Thats scary but pat of the process. Much love

Keep strong brother. Sure all of it must be overwhelming at times. Just take a breath and look at Lynn and remember your Why.

You have not only been blessed with life, you have blessed so many others too. Thank you so much for being here and I know you and Lynn will never be forgotten by any of us!

Thanks so much my amazing friend, You keep the beack healthy and I pray you take your mom to many movies my brother. Look after my girl and if not in this life i will wait forever for us to have that cervaza in the sky. much love bro

I have not met you and Lynn before today. I am part of the steemitweekly team. Today we posted your story on our weekly. I can not imagine dealing with this. I can not even hold back the pain I feel for both of you.

Your story has touched me in a very profound way. Please don't lose hope, even in the worst circumstances we still can stay friends with hope. Hope is something we can keep close to us even after we have given up on everything else.

If you will stay hopeful and not forget that we don't know what is next after this shell we call a body is gone. Maybe we are just seeds and until we are planted in the earth we have not even been born? Maybe the beginning of life is what happens when we are buried? When we become one with the soil we came from? Just maybe there is no reason to be sad or sorrowful because we don't really know what is going on?

Please don't lose hope, please don't forget we are just like a blade of grass that withers in the sun.

There is so much more to this life than what we experience daily. So much we don't have a clue about.

I am a hard a calloused man, my life has been rough and without much mercy. I have faced more than most people can fathom but I still have not faced this. Our world is a brutal place from our finite knowledge of how things work. I hope we are all wrong about the end of the story.

So trust and hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

My family will keep you in our prayers.

@iamstan. Thank you. I am so exhausted. I will reach out after Thanksgiving if that's ok. Hugs


Lynn definitely is a special woman and it does feel like we've gotten to meet you both in person. It would be great to actually meet you in person sometime, but even if that doesn't happen, our lives have been better for having known each other.

There's much in life that you can do to have fun, but oftentimes, the things that are the most enjoyed or fondly remembered are those that were done with a close friend. It's the people that make the occasion special. Thanks for your friendship over the last year, even encouraging me when I was having hard times.

Man, that's beautiful! I know Lynn will cherish those words for many years to come. Your love for each other is a great example for anyone who wants to know how a marriage is supposed to look.

Still praying for you to get more long walks on the beach together and to get that more dips in the ocean!

Our lives have definately been better for meeting here. Steemit has changed my life and in my heart I do believe and know that some people here will meet my girl face to face. I will remember not spending one dime on a date with Lynn and to this day it is my most precious memory. Truly that day burns in my soul. I wish our friendship could be so much longer but if not you to my friend have made my days encouraging too. I will forever be there to help guide all of the one that God allows me too. Peace my brother. Every day hug your wife tight as life is way to freakin short. Live, Love and Laugh every chance you get

@briancourteau no matter where you are you will always feel our digital hugs and as for @lynncoyle1, when I get to meet her there will be real hugs and maybe even some tears. You are a shining light and there is no way I'm going to say goodbye. XXXXXXX

Thank you for the not saying goodbye. I biggest fear is not dieing but being forgotten. Believe it or not that by far is my one fear. Thank you my dear friend. Make sure you meet my girl someday. I told her to do like the steve miller song. Take the money and run. Meet these friends. lol hugs and well wishes. I will still be on discord for a while I hope

OMG there is no way in the world you will be forgotten, you have no idea how much your story has touched me and many others and we will always have your posts here on the block. And yep I do hope one day I will get to meet your girl, it would me my honor and pleasure :-)


My heart is with the both of you here. You are insanely brave and inspiring. You’ve touched the hearts of so many here. Thank you fir allowing us a peek into your personal life. We can all learn a world from you. ♥️

very gracious words my friend. They made me speachless. Thank you

I’m humbled brother, but we are the ones in awe.

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