In Love

in love •  last year 

Dear Steemians


Sometimes it's weird, but it's real. When a person feels in love, the feeling of calm of his soul has floated like the wind blowing like a star covered by a night cloud. Then should we feel falling in love ?, Love also sometimes feels betrayed there also feel regret. Are the forms of love all the same?


Terkadang aneh rasanya, tapi nyata adanya. Ketika seseorang merasakan jatuh cinta rasa ketenangan jiwanya sudah melayang bagaikan angin yang bertiupan laksana bintang tertutupi awan malam. Lantas haruskah kita merasakan jatuh cinta ?, Cinta juga terkadang merasa dikhianati ada juga merasa disesali. Apakah wujud cinta semuanya sama ?


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