Love story part tharty one

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pexels-photo-936554.jpegWeek_small_fest black girl
I got admitted in Hons, Borhan and I was admitted to the 1st year of Honors. I have not loved love any day But one of my mind's desires honors this book is a love. It is also one of the darkest and worst-looking girls in class.
You are thinking about where everyone looks beautiful and beautiful girl, why do I find such a black girl?
How about this a little later?
After going to class on the first day, I started looking for the most awkward girl in the class. Finally, I saw a girl whose face was black like black ink, nose to mouth, different types of spots on the cheek.
I thought I got the queen of my dreams.
There are many beautiful girls coming in the class. All the boys have seen a crowd in their way to make friends with them. But no one joins that black girl, she is sitting quietly in a corner of the class.
I went to her,,,,
I: Hi. I am borhan
She: I'm Rhea.
I: Can I be your friend?
Rhea: Absolutely.
(I saw the impression of unbelief in his eyes, and I can not believe myself that I want to be his friend because nobody talks with someone better than him)
I: sit on that side. (In the field?
Rhea: Come on.
I: Did you have any college before?
Rhea: -Hali cross college
I'm also well.
This is how friendships between us are,
In college, first I find Riya and Rhea find me,
It looks like 1 year has passed, I can not live without Riya now and can not stay Riya and can not stay.
So on February 14, I came to college and told Riyah that there was something with you.
Rhea: What to talk about.
I: In front of everyone, I propose Ria with a pinkish rose flower.
I love you Riya
Rear eyes began to flow and it began to say that Borhan did not.
I: But why not?
Rhea: Because I'm black, my appearance is bad.
I: Look, what's wrong, you have the right to love?
Rhea: But your family, nobody will accept me from your friend Borhan
(The fear of black girls, if one does not accept him, forgets him for a while.)
I: That's not what you think. I'll take care of all. I went to him slowly, I removed his tears. Then he grabbed me.
Rhea: I will never forget me?
I: no day and no
Amara and Rear went to love.
Since then my friends do not mix well with me, because I love Rear. One day my friend Rubel said: Your taste is so bad why do you love a rehearsed mother like Rear? You do not want to mix with us. Then I live alone.
I see a company job after completing studies, see
So I thought I would tell my mother to Rear.
But parents do not bring them to me.
So I said to my mother: You mother and Rhea are two girls. What is her problem? You have two hands and he has two hands, are you with your nose, ears, face and there?
The biggest thing is that the girl is also a man. If we all look beautiful girl then who will marry these girls? If you had such a girl, would you?
The mother was silent. But what would everybody say in society?
Keep your society He is also a man like eight to ten people in the society.
Then the mother did not say anything, the mother agreed.
We got married, vivacious,
We are very happy,
Now we have a girl for a couple of years,
[Actually black or white is not a matter. It is a matter of happiness. If you are happy to marry a black girl, that is the real happiness.]
There are thousands of people in our country who have no end to their troubles
(Now tell me why I got married to a black girl because black girls are very much loved because they are afraid to lose forever. They can only do a little for their love and can give their life for you because they love them very few people.
My tears came to write to write the writing


Awesome story and very beautiful photography

great photography.i like it story.
thanks for sharing blog..

Great idea! I like your thought behind it. Check my post as well

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