Asher's Birthday Countdown (ABC) 😂 Day 1

in #love2 years ago (edited)

Soooo... My little lion cub is turning 1 in a week, and I don't know how I feel about that. I'm sure many mamas would feel the same way as I do, turning 1 is like the first biggest milestone of a baby transitioning into toddlerhood.

What? So soon already? No wayyyyy!!



I can sit and cry all day mourning for the year that flew by Godspeed or I could celebrate and anticipate for the many more lovely and exciting times ahead with my little guy!

With that, I've decided to go on a throwback week to share some fun little snippets of our journey with this little bub who is just bubbling up day by day 😍

His birthday falls on February 5th, if you may ask. Exactly a month after my birthday.

This year is going to be special because his 1st birthday happens to fall on the first day of the Chinese New Year. We just got back from my parents place and he's had a blast spending time with his grandparents and celebrated an early birthday with them. This CNY he'll be spending his actual birth day with my husband's side of the family.


I'll share more about him in the days to come so stay tuned!


Good night from our end and have a great week ahead!






Aw... Happy Birthday to your lovely baby boy, may he filled with love and joy, always.

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hey hon
pls can you check your discord messages

Looking so so so cute, Asher. ❤️ Yiyi want cubit your face.

Hahaha, thanks @iamjadeline yiyi, you have a free pass to cubit my face just like my gong gong 😂

Happy advance birthday baby Asher! You're cute😋

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So precious
Can you just squeeze those chubby cheeks for me 😁

365 days from a needy little baby to a little toddler, i wish i could do that first year again.....

so precious! Happy birthday little one - the first year is such a special time!!