Black and White Photo of the Day - Photo Story #2

in love •  last year

Few days ago I met a girl in the beach. This is her story.

Ups and Downs of Life

I had a boy friend
he was the love of my life...
our love was strong
and I was going to be his wife...

for the past six years
he was only mine...
but I didn't know
he was cheating me the whole time...

I couldn't believe
it was all a lie...
and then I stopped
but nothing could stop me cry...

when I miss him
I come to the beach you know why...
cause the waves remind me
the ups and downs of life...

-Supun Madushanka
© All Rights Reserved

This is dedicated to the girl I met in the beach and all the people who lost the battle of love. Don't give up. You may have lost your love, but you didn't lose everything.

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Beautiful picture Keep it up

Followed and upvoted you

Have a good day


Thank you. You too have a good day. :)

Thank you bro for this lovely dedicated poetry.. :)


Thank you. I felt bad for this girl. She was so innocent.


Yes she was innocent :( Her story was pathetic :(

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oh sad story... but life is not a bed of roses .. we should curry on with our life.. what happened is past no point of thinking about it and destroying our future.


True that. She was sad but I think she is clever enough not to destroy her life because of a cheater. I'm sure she will leave the past behind and move on. It is too soon for her to forget the love of her life. But i'm sure she'll be allright.