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The Currency of Love


“No. Please stop, I can’t.”

Sandra’s words gave Joe’s roaming hands a pause. He lifted himself off of her as she shifted to leave his embrace. It had started as an embrace but had quickly gone beyond that. Joe was Sandra’s boyfriend and had been for about four months now. He had become familiar with these halts these past few months and usually tried to avoid getting into situations that would call for them except for the few times like this when they get carried away. They had sexual chemistry quite aright; he was ready to go the whole mile but Sandra was not. He could not understand her hesitation when her body obviously wanted him. She would not tell him why either. The words she offered each time things ended prematurely could hardly suffice as an explanation.

As if on cue, he heard her repeat the words he had come to know by heart.

“I am sorry Joe but I’m still not ready”.

Joe looked at her. She had fastened her shirt buttons while he had been regaining his ‘composure’ and was now running fingers through her hair in a bid to curb its unruliness. She would not meet his eyes; rather she kept them trained on the patterns drawn on the floor. She looked beautiful, he thought. He was fast falling in love with her although he was yet to tell her. She was not the expressive type but she cared about him; that much he knew. There were things he wanted to know about her which he didn’t because she liked to keep them bottled up. He could not understand why she would not let him in after the time they had been together. They may have begun dating four months ago but had known each other from a small distance long before then. He wanted her to trust him enough to let go.


It was not about sex although he looked forward to making love to her. She had an irresistible and gorgeous body and had proven there was much more to her than her physical beauty. He wanted more. Scratch that, he needed more. Sandra was his kind of perfect.

Joe realized he had kept her waiting for a reply. He moved closer and took her hands in his. He wanted to reassure her again that he would wait till she was ready to take things further but the expression on her face told him he needed to ease up the tension that had built first. He did not really have a funny streak in him but he figured it was worth a try if it would remove the worrisome crease on her forehead.

Sandra beat him to breaking the silence as she blurted out;

“I am not a virgin.”

Joe was not certain he had heard her right, so he asked just as abruptly.


“I am sorry to disappoint you but I am not a virgin.” Sandra repeated.

Joe smiled as he shook his head before speaking.

“Okay. First, I don’t see what brought that up and secondly, I don’t quite get why you would think I am disappointed.”

Sandra removed her hands from his as she stood up. Joe concluded this may be the chance he had been awaiting to get her talking. She had not needed a prompting from him after all. Sandra stood in front of him, her hands clasped tightly together as she explained.

“I may have said the disappointment part without thinking. So, you don’t mind?”

”Of course, I don’t. I am not one myself. It is expected that at our ages, we should have had some sexual experiences under our belt, isn’t it?”

He was being sarcastic; Sandra could tell. Not that she had told him explicitly but he ought to know from what he knew about her that she could not boast of such experience. He could of course; after all he was five years older than her and must have more experience to match.

Sandra had attended Catholic boarding schools and had up till her college years, lived a sheltered life thanks to being the only child of her disciplinarian parents. Being the conservative sort had made it easier for her to settle into living that way even after she had graduated college and moved out of her family home.


Joe knew these.

“You know very well that I don’t.” she replied giving him a look that spoke volumes.

“How could I? You don’t like to talk about sex. That we agreed to wait does not mean that we can’t at least talk about it. Since this is one of those rare times when we do, can you at least tell me why we are waiting? Sparks literally fly when we are in a room together. Your body responds too well to me hence your reason for wanting to wait totally eludes me, more so as you won’t help me understand.”

“Are you saying you are in a relationship with me simply because you want sex?”

“Of course not and you know it. I like you very much and I am fine with waiting. I just need to know why. Heck, I need to know you more baby. You won’t let me in, you are guarded around me and I wish to know what I could do to make you open up to me. I feel shut out sometimes you know.” Joe answered with a serious look on his face.

“You are quite the emotional one today, aren’t you?”

“Aren’t I always? Come on Sandra, tell me please and you are so not permitted to hit me with the ‘it’s not you, it’s me cliché.” He finished with a pleading smile.

Sandra returned his smile, stopped her pacing and went back to sit, her hands clasped between her thighs. She looked at Joe who sat watching her awaiting an answer. Her affection for him had grown considerably since their first date.

She longed for the unhinged intimacy they could share and the pleasure she knew he could give her if she said the word but could not shake off her reservations as much as she tried to. Compared to her previous relationship, dating Joe has been easy and beautiful. He was really sweet, far too kind and showed how much he cared at every given opportunity. Joe made her feel loved but Sandra was waiting for the other shoe to drop. She could see now that Joe had been suffering for her insecurities; they both were. He was right; they did have the potential to be so much more if she would do away with her reservations or at least work on them. She would do better.

She began by telling Joe about her reservations. She had his undivided attention as he listened without interrupting her.

In her twenty-four years of age, Sandra had only being in one relationship; with Santos and it had ended badly. She had been really devastated for months afterwards. As was evident by the caution she exercised around Joe, Santos had taught her a lesson she would be wise not to ignore.

It had been love at first sight the first time she had seen him. It was the first time she had felt that way. She used to have butterflies in her stomach just thinking about him. Santos had showered her with attention and she had reveled in it. He had seemed really interested that her naivety had blinded her to recognizing him for what he was; a player who only wanted to get in her pants. She had fallen deeply in love with him.

Santos began pressurizing her for sex in their second month of dating but would promise he would wait each time she did not budge. Soon, it became a cause for series of arguments between them. Santos would tell her she did not love him if she could not give him her body. In retrospective, Sandra had seen he had been quite selfish in his pursuit and careless with his constant emotional blackmail. She had bucked under the pressure and let him take her virginity in the fifth month of their relationship. She had not wanted to lose him. Afterwards, Santos had not bothered hiding that he wanted out. She had become a shadow of herself; a person she could not recognize as she begged for his attention and love despite knowing he was a cheat. He had broken up with her in the sixth month quickly moving on with someone else while she had mourned her shattered heart.

It had taken her almost two years to get over him and now, she had Joe. Although Joe had proven time and again he was nothing like Santos, Sandra could not be too careful. She did not want a repeat of her past with Santos who had waited those months to get what he wanted from her before throwing her love in her face.


Joe sighed deeply after Sandra finished her story. It was a huge step; her trusting him enough to tell him without knowing for sure if he was not like Santos too. Well, he was not. He was here to stay for as long as she wanted him to. They make each other happy. He told her so in a gentle and soothing voice. He made sure to tell her sex is not the currency with which love is bought. It is extra spice needed for intimacy and ultimately, recreation in romantic relationships. To prove that, he would continue to wait until she was sure he was for real. He could only hope it would not take her a lifetime.

Sandra was glad she had told him. She felt lucky to have him and he may not know it yet but she was well on her way to letting go of her reservations. Soon, pretty soon, her reservations would go on a journey to an unknown destination. Hopefully; they would never return.

Images were obtained from pixabay

A fiction story authored by: @royalrose

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Really engaging story , it's so difficult to put a price on something so abstract . What is love ? Easy but complicated question.

That was a very touching short read! Brought so many emotions.

All love currencies.

Money and greed are a poison that is trying to kill is everyday but we just can't get enough of it and may always want more and more of it.

I would to add some thoughts about currency and love..
Money can't buy it. We cannot quantify it. It is so much more than the mere exchange of duties and rewards. The currency cannot be exchanged, tit for tat. It is an action offered freely and motivated by love. The action is offered and accepted, nothing more. And the more frequently we exchange this currency, the richer we are in this intangible commodity of love, a magical aspect of human life.

Wise and true words. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you!

Yeah uh huh keep going....and...?


How Much money you think that cake has in it. $120 is my guess.

When love and money are not used in a legitimate way, they can provoke one's nafs and drag him to unimaginable valleys. For many times history has witnessed the treacherous folktales of violence and hatred that arise in the face of illegitimate relationships, and those who give up on the values ​​that keep their existence as a slave to money. And this story is still alive..

Hehehehe this was a long read. Did I have to read as long as Joe had to wait for Sandra to open up just to get to the end? That's simply making me a Joe and my love for your stories (Sandra) lolz.

You see, most girls who've ever had any intimate relationship earlier as a teen or in high school or college have their bitter experiences. The story is often that they had to have sex with their first guy to prove their love with a simple reason of not wanting to miss him. Such experiences usually make it difficult for the second guy who will come on board to gain trust easily. You will have work, prove and earn her trust. Very serious work.

Meanwhile for her reserved nature. Ehmmm No matter how reserved a girl is, when she is in love and trust her man, she becomes a parrot. Oh yes! I've been there! She will tell you everything and nothing reserved. That's how girls are built. But I do think this nature often make them vulnerable in the hands of a guy. Because he may want to get his own share and walk away too leaving her feelings trampled.

I agree "sex is not the currency with which love is bought. It is extra spice needed for intimacy and ultimately, recreation in romantic relationships" but insecure guys want to get it so fast just to be sure if the girl walks away any moment, he had gotten a taste of her juice at least.
Nice story there by @royalrose
I am @desmonddesk
@adsactly #1 Fan.

What an Awesome Story of Love. I have this kind of Love with My Beautiful Fiance, Vanja. She lives in Norway and it is a Long Distance Relationship. But Our Love and Respect for each other makes all distance disappear. Thanks for the story.

😁You've had quite the experience, haven't you? Best comment! Thank you.

oh man! you really have got the experience to tell us this. Sex is not the best yardstick to measure love but its major buster of intimacy. I will come to you for coaching. meanwhile, I blog about marriage and relationship and I like to feature you on my blog.

Good idea and thinking .I like to reading this.

Lovely story
Love its like a lesson and follow it

I really enjoyed the read

Many emotions went through my mind, excellent job!

Thank you!

it is obvious that money can not buy everything

Wow! I enjoyed the story.
Love is beautiful, and past hurts don't change that fact.
Sex is not love. Never has been.

i wonder how your steem works can you put me true?

Thanks for the article I really enjoy it. It brought me many emotion...

There is no love price without money. Money does not have any value in real love.

I would to include a few contemplations about money and love..

Cash can't get it. We can't evaluate it. It is far beyond the insignificant trade of obligations and prizes. The money can't be traded, blow for blow. It is an activity offered uninhibitedly and propelled by adoration. The activity is offered and acknowledged, not all that much. What's more, the all the more much of the time we trade this money, the wealthier we are in this impalpable product of affection, a mysterious part of human life.

Thank you for sharing.

Amazing and beautiful story, Well written. You are doing a great job. Thanks for sharing @adsactly

You're welcome

Yeah well written man.It's true !! Love is one thing Sacrifice , understanding , care , freedom variation of joyful life, I think it's not a simple thing besides it's a commitment and a family bonding. But nowadays it seems going to be money fact . Money cay buy Love it's not money can buy a girl for you who bonded with a fake relationship and some sex experience . Love is quite different . Many people have only one intention behind the scene it's only for sex. It's bitter truth . And nowadays it's really tough to get virgin. maximum had sex experience,

Your story was quite good. I enjoyed it and loved it. Good job man. Thanks to you for a fantastic details variation written. Keep posting here. @adsactly

Very true. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

wow a very intriguing article. I wasn't expecting such a lengthy post to be so interesting. The topic of love an romance is one that will always captivate readers as it is something that everyone can relate too.

Wow lovely post thanks for sharing this post best of luck carry one..

Hey, I'm doing Operation Translation by @papa-pepper, and I'd like to translate this post to Chinese. Would you be up for letting me do it? This is just such a great post and I think more people should read it! I would follow @papa-pepper's guidelines, including a link to your post and crediting you in the title with a clear indication that this is a translation of your work.

Maybe love will come true if we bring some dollars, I love you

nice stroy, romance, love,sex,emotion every thing from here

Love is the most powerful emotion a person can experience.
A very nice story

beautiful artwork, and mepunyai a good creative, continue to work, good luck.upvoet [email protected]

thanks ^^

Love story

Very good your story, I confused a little the title and still do not understand very well why. Will it be a metaphor for the cryptocurrency market? Because we could say that it is necessary to know the market well in order to make the decisions at the most appropriate time and in that way to take firm steps without stumbling. It's a speculation ... Now. the story itself very good, because it led me to imagine very easily the scene, the environment where your story was located, which ultimately reaches the most important point of a relationship: cultivate love, cultivate confidence not to take steps in false and have a lasting relationship. Sandra and Joe are on the right track; maybe, let's see the second part.

Thank you. I'm afraid the story ends here. It's a short story after all.

I love this story. it makes some difference between some guys .. being oppressive is sometimes not the solution. If everyone was as understanding as Joe, relationships could have been more meaningful. thank you for your letter.

I have an article on my page that I introduce myself. I'm glad you want to look around. and if there is an recommendation to improve myself on the SteMit platform, it makes me happy.
I value the ideas and suggestions of experienced people like you. maybe you can not support it but at least I can get the idea?

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts

Love is beautiful,and some of its currency is devotion and honestly
Nice story
Beautifully presented
Cant wait until the next one

Thanks a lot

Such a great story.Everyone should be like on this post.keep it up.waiting for your for next post.

Personally i love sex, but i have no man
anyway your loving story very nice......
and writing also good, i wait your next post.
all the best my dear friend.....

Lol. Thank you. All the best to you too.

this is a class of it's own when it comes to creative writing

I love it, little bit chaos of love at back times then she know what is love. I think she need more then support but she try it by her self. I think joe not ready yet to receive the true love with lot of confident and Sandra 100% need it. Nice story @adsactly.

I have listen from my olds
Love is worth so much more than money. There are so many people who are filthy rich, but have nobody to genuinely love them. Unconditional love is priceless.

It sure is. Thank you.

amazing story!!!

Love is forever ..I belive that no man cannot live without love.Thansks dear sharing wonderful post.

great. upvoted!

I could not stop reading this was great.

Its not you its me 😂👍👌

Si no hay comprensión y respeto en el amor, todo se acaba

hii guys thats for yours.eating pizzaimages (10).jpeg😂😂

Love this Story

Thanks for the emotional elements of the lovely story!. Cheers

really a very romantic story, keep fighting friends to get his love, ....
best love is a love full of struggle, because that struggle that will be a proof of great love....

nice story, really emotional

thanks, happy today

Beautifully written! I enjoyed reading this.

hello friend today I was able to read your publication, the theme is a lake that allows many people in the actulity, as a woman as a man we sometimes choose badly and negative consequence that helps us to grow as a person in part of the life cycle, excellent for joe an adult behavior that does not matter the virginda of sandra .. that is pure love. It is nice to recognize the work of another person when they do it well. apply for you congratulations
do not forget to follow me
I invite you to read my post
by fvaor comments and votes

good story & good photography

yes love is devine
and some body says sex is devine
that is great story and good writing
carry on dear
just keep it up

Money makes love :)

I hope :) If not I have no chance for love LOL

How much time will it take to read this? This seems a good story.

Really Love

I love reading you, always with valuable information, and messages to reflect, thanks. Greetings

Thank you very much. I appreciate.

I really like your posts and I enjoy very much with all your posts.👍

Once again @adsactly know how to bring a good story to a sensitive subject. Class warfare is real. The divide between the wealthy and poor is growing. Money can buy you certain kinds of love, love can and often does fade because of financial difficulty. Money is a cycle. It comes and it goes but love it not like that. Even if you depart and leave the person you love, you will always love them. We can convince ourselves we don't We can convince ourselves we hate the person we once loved... but one of my favorite quote's is, "its easier to hate then love." Its almost impossible to truly hate a person you once loved. Money is not the root of all evil. People, are the root of all evil. Love and money are the beginning of happiness. ...not the end of happiness. Work is required after that. Decades and decades of work for both love and money to make you happy all the days of your life.

Good read @Royalrose, very touching :-) The only thing that love should cost is 'the good intention'. Why would you, or do you love someone.

Thanks for the read.

Thank you very much. 😀 I appreciate.

Wow nice and lovely your all post must be readable i like your all posts keep it up

its being so long, i read some sort of romantic something. it actually felt good reading this story. when do we see the followup? don't keep me waiting for too long. thank you.

This is an amazing story. Communication is key in every relationship and often times we are stuck with our past experiences that make us not enjoy the present and live in fear. Fear is a perfect faith to failure. Truth is the cure and until the point of trust is reached, it might be hard.

He needed more, so did she. She needed assurance. She got lost in the past and he is right on the journey to find her.

Thank you for sharing this. Amazing.

You're welcome and thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts too.

Anytime. Such an interesting post.

Buen post adsactly, muy emotivo :)-

Good post adsactly, very emotional :)

I enjoy the story, nice and emotional, I will wait for your other writing @adsactly

I salute Joe for his sincere affection towards Sandra. He understand so much about Sandra now after she had told her story. I'm looking forward to see your next chapter for this love story.
Well written story @royalrose.

excellent publication greetings

Cool write-up. I did not have enough. Will the story be continued? I am inspired to write my own short story. I truly enjoyed this piece. Look forward, my story comes up...

No, it won't be continued. It is a one-part short story. Thanks for reading.

Thank you!

its really enjoyable.... i followed.... plz follow me.

Sex is not the currency for love, the currency is trust,intimacy and sincerity.
Thanks for sharing this eye opening message

True. Thanks for reading too.

Beautiful end to an amazing story...
Love is the ultimate currency and Joe proved it..
One of the amazing features of love is that love is patient and doesn't dwell on your past mistakes..

Love this story can relate to it

Thanks so much for this kind feedback. I'm happy you loved it

What an awesome story! Thank you for sharing @adsactly. Upvoted and followed you. Looking forward of seeing your articles... this is great!

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your article is very interesting, I've commented on your post.

A very good piece

I enjoyed reading this, thank you so much for sharing. I love short stories, its my favorite form of reading as well as the favorite writing form. Im looking forward to reading more stories from you and hoping you will read some of mine also :)

Thank you

very good publication love is the most beautiful that one can feel this reading is wonderful. !! I love you I will follow you

Does anyone knows what diapers are used for its Satoshi ?

Really nice post you, I feel you are in a world of success,

A touching story which a lot of ladies and men can relate too.Trust is very important in any relationship, and communication has posed to be a problem in a lot of relationships. When that level of complete intimacy (not necessarily sex) is reached, there is no turning back, except one of them betrays trust.

Very well said. Thank you for reading

Wow this was beautiful. I could relate on so many levels. Thank you so much for sharing! <3

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