✳️ [#24] Lotto Post - UPVOTE to participate in the draw.

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Result of Reward Post # 22

Total payout was 1.86 SBD

1 - @toddcurry - 0.62 SBD

2 - @shehbaznawaz - 0.62 SBD

3 - @reko- 0.62SBD

The following users were also selected but could not qualify for the prize

@neupanedipen, @ryacha21, @vasilisapor2 , @costanza , @kwangjaggle , @steemnews-fr, @nityabusiness1, @mulletwang, @alif420, @denjiro, @benturs for not following @trlotto

To participate

Simply upvote this post with at least $0.01

*Additional entry on every $0.20 upvote worth, till a maximum of 20 entries.
For instance, 1$ upvote will get you 1 + 5 = 6 entries.

You can also send SBD with **post number in the memo o participate in case your upvote worth is lower than the required minimum

You need to follow @trlotto in order to qualify for the prize.

Optional: Resteem this post to get an extra entry !!

Provably fair : Users are selected using list randomizer available at random.org, using the hash of the very first BTC block mined on the payout day (UTC Time) as a persistent identifier. You can get a list of entries here and check it out for yourself.

All the best !!!


Thank you! And also thank you for the opportunity to play this.

You got a 8.41% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @trlotto!

Congrats to the winners. :) :)

@trlotto sent you 0.01 SBD and the memo. Upvoted ( I assume I still should do this as well as the transfer?) and follow also.
I think I won before so it will be good to keep entering because it is a great idea for a competition.
You may have forgotten to pay me for this, so could you transfer when you get the chance. Thanks a million

Reward sent, Sorry for the delay....

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