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I am a fair upvote bot that is paying 100% of all gains to its delegators. I work very flexible saving upvotes when you dont post and automtaically switch to steem payouts when needed. Furhtermore you can always use your voting power to vote by sending me a memo with a post to upvote. For more information please read my introduction

This week I generated a revenue of 0.329 STEEM from a delegation of 100 STEEM for an account that never posts. When posting regularly you can expect roughly 10 percent more. The excat numbers fluctuate due to curation rewards and conversion markets.

Delegation Links: 20sp, 50 sp, 100 sp, 200 sp, 500 sp.

To advertise myself I am giving away free lifetime upvote-shares in a lottery. Simply upvote this post to participate. According to my philosophy the payout of this post is shared with all delegators.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This post is promoted by @reversed-bidbot as a lottery with a jackpot of 0.160 steem!

Tickets are distributed according to the value of your upvotes with a multiplier of 5000.0.
Upvote the post to participate and claim your tickets!

The jackpot is paid in upvote_shares by @zero-profit, giving you lifetime upvotes and weekly curation payouts. Find more information here.

Follow me to also earn steem on my other promoted posts; or use @reversed-bidbot to hold your own raffles. For more details please visit my discord server or read my introduction post

Anyone can see the powerdowns. Not exactly zero profits

In my introduction post (link above) this is explained. By upvoting posts I make curation rewards. But these are not payed in liquid steem, but in vested steem power. In order to pay them out to my delegators I have to power down. So every week I power down and in one week collect the curation rewards. Then I distribute them to my delegators proportionally to invested steem.

If I would not power down, then my own sp would rise over time and that would be not zero profits.

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I was called to perform a provably fair random drawing for @reversed-bidbot!

There are a 377 tickets participating in this round.
@inversionistam holds tickets number 0 - 26
@nfc holds tickets number 27 - 147
@accelerator holds tickets number 148 - 272
@cwow2 holds tickets number 273 - 295
@devsup holds tickets number 296 - 310
@frdem3dot0 holds tickets number 311 - 376
The merkle root of the block in which this post will appear determines the winner.

The block in which the above post is included has a merkle root of 2d365a9e3d5c0ce8b1dca9bb9b625d5006ef6a8e.
To find the winner we:

  1. Convert the merkle root into base 10:
    2d365a9e3d5c0ce8b1dca9bb9b625d5006ef6a8e = 258116718879702125049369458129470440196128336526.
  2. Compute the residual after dividing by the number of tickets: 258116718879702125049369458129470440196128336526 mod 377 = 214.
  3. This is the winning ticket, held by @accelerator.