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RE: @zero-profit report and giveaway

in #lottery5 years ago

I was called to perform a provably fair random drawing for @reversed-bidbot!

There are a 1028 tickets participating in this round.
@inversionistam holds tickets number 0 - 30
@smjn holds tickets number 31 - 800
@frdem3dot0 holds tickets number 801 - 862
@felipejoys holds tickets number 863 - 1027
The merkle root of the block in which this post will appear determines the winner.


The block in which the above post is included has a merkle root of b2094f3137c4d281c697b23c260f504ae1a10892.
To find the winner we:

  1. Convert the merkle root into base 10:
    b2094f3137c4d281c697b23c260f504ae1a10892 = 1016407962531984298647597576555870007493849581714.
  2. Compute the residual after dividing by the number of tickets: 1016407962531984298647597576555870007493849581714 mod 1028 = 1026.
  3. This is the winning ticket, held by @felipejoys.


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