Enjoying the sunshine!

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Yesterday was the perfect day to be out in the yard enjoying nature!


My daughter helped pull a few thistles that had come up toward the back of the landscape borders that I couldn't get to and the chipmunks wouldn't leave her alone! They made us laugh with their antics and she had to be cautious not to step on them.


She had one climb up her back while she was crouched down pulling weeds and they are so light weight that she didn't even realize it was there, but yet when one runs across the deck it sounds like a herd of elephants. She grabbed a handful of seeds out of the bird feeder for this persistent little fellow.


The squirrels preferred to observe all the weed pulling from a safe distance.


Let's keep #lookingup!


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Oh my gosh, I have never seen tame chipmunks before. How fun!

It has taken her a long time and plenty of patience to get them to trust her.

Got to love those chipmunks. Super cute and so friendly too.

Just swinging by to let you know U+R 😇

Thanks so much!

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I love the chipmunk. So cute! Yard friends are fantastic.

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They are fun to have around!

Very nice. It looks like you really enjoyed it. It's very hot here in Atlanta.

We have had ridiculous amounts of rain, but when the sun comes out the temperatures are in the 70s and very enjoyable.

Those squirrel is incredibly sweet! :)

They are fun to have around! Thanks for coming by. Seeing your comment reminds me that I want to get over to your travel posts that I am behind on.

I am finishing the 6th part right now :)))
And I am always so glad to see your comments :)))

Curious bunch! 😄 Love the colours on the last photo!

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Hooray! The chipmunks are back! I've been waiting for months for that! I'm so glad your daughter the chipmunk whisperer was there. Those photos are adorable!

They are more tame this summer than they have ever been!

Maybe they're extra grateful that winter is over!

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Or so hungry that they will turn somersaults for food!

Wow ... fearless aren't they. So cute.

They need to be a bit more fearful just to keep them safe! Silly things.

They need to be a
Bit more fearful just to keep
Them safe! Silly things.

                 - melinda010100

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Beautiful pictures dear. I love the first and last😊🌼 Have a wonderful day

Thanks! Hope your day is good, too! Keep smiling.

Thank you dear, I go one day at a time. Taking adverse circumstances calmly

I know you are doing your best.

I go one day at a time trying to give my best. Thanks for your support❤🌼

It will get better. I just know it.

That is my greatest wish, that everything improves! Thanks for your support. You're the best❤🌻

Muy lindo animalito me imagino come de los frutos de los arboles,muy hermoso,cuidelo mucho,saludos

Awwwwwwwww, I can't believe it!!! I would be in heaven, lol. Oh my goodness, what a delightful company. Makes pulling the weeds more fun for sure 😍

She has spent oddles of time to get them to be so tame. That particular one is the bravest of the bunch.

I really admire your daughter 😍

She has always had a way with wildlife and lots of patience.

She has a gift 😊

The first picture is perfect, I love green and those flowers

I am glad you like it. It is a green time of year here!

A beautiful time of the year 💚🌼

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How cool and funny is that ?! 😃
Is there a difference between squirrel and chipmunk, or is it two words to define the same animal..?

They are different, but belong to the same family. Squirrels are much larger, have a busier tail and spend much of their time in trees. Although I have seen chipmunks climb trees, they live in holes in the ground. They have stripes and are tiny compared to the squirrels.

you must have a good eye because they run like the wind 😉

LOL She really does have those chipmunks trained, doesn't she? Maybe she could start teaching them trick, post on YouTube, and they could earn their keep!

Funny that the squirrels are afraid to come down and, yet, the tiny chipmunks are climbing her pant leg.

I think the squirrels are a tad bit smarter, and when something out of the ordinary is going on they become suspicious. The chipmunks have poor eyesight and very little fear!

What a fun post !

Gotta love these beautiful days.

I love every minute of warmth and sunshine! We waited so long for it this year!

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