What should you do when you have all the leverage?

in longgame •  12 days ago

This is a question that I’ve come back to a few times over the past couple of weeks.

Some things have lined up for me in life that have given me a lot of leverage in the year of 2018.

It’s really interesting to look back on 2018 and see how far I’ve come comparative to the years that came before it.

I’ve had many ups and downs in my life. I’ve had times of great abundance and times of great despair and depresssion.

My life has always been good though. I shouldn’t complain.

I’ve always had what I needed and more.

But I’ve often felt a lack of mission in life. I would jump from 1 project to another and eventually the project would fail.

I don’t regret any of these projects though. They made me who I am.

Everything I’ve done up to this point is what has gotten me to 2019.

In the year 2019 I am hopeful that my life will come more fully into focus.

That my mission and current projects will come to fruition and will finally be a success.

So what should you do in life when some leverage moves to your side?

What I mean by that is: what should you focus on and what should you adventure into when your life is coming together and you feel that you are far more financially secure, emotionally secure, intellectually secure than ever?

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