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The Long-Game --> A game where the process is more important than the end result. Where building your masterpiece is the most enjoyable thing to do. My posts in this Long-Game series will be investigating the Steem blockchain and all the latest happenings on it! The future is bright.

They are all referring to the long-game of the Steem blockchain and anything that remotely relates to that.

In these posts, these topics and more will frequently be touched upon:
1. dapp developments
2. interface features
3. ideas for the future
4. content creators on Steem
5. entrepreneurs on Steem
6. and anything else!

Essentially, everything is up for grabs in these posts. They’re about the future of our favorite blockchain: the Steem blockchain.

I've spent the past several days thinking a lot about the macro.

I've been thinking a lot about my future and the grand scheme of everything that I'm doing.

Right now, I'm currently building something that I believe will be the ultimate engine and platform from which I can build my future lifestyle upon.

The future, to me, would be amazing and inspiring if it looked like this:

I would love to get my own place. Live on my own. In a nice, clean and modern apartment or house somewhere in the U.S.

This has been a dream of mine for a while.

Next on this list is for me to build an epic workstation.

For those who don't know, I spend a lot of time behind a computer and every comp geek needs their own amazing setup, am I right?

Next up is the traveling. Although, I actually think it's better organized to put this ahead of having a place of my own.

I want to do more traveling and I want to do it soon. I'm mostly lying in wait for STEEM to go up a little more so I don't have to sell any hard earned STEEM at these garbage dump prices.

Traveling the world and exploring has always been a fantasy of mine. I would love to do some more traveling while my expenses are super low and eventually then get a place of my own as a sort of "base of operations"... nothing super super fancy.. Just a place where I can lie low and work and take a break from traveling before I get back out into the world.

A place to call home.

With all that comes my long-term ambitions... An outlet for my creativity and a platform from which I can build long-term leverage that can serve to aid in my smaller goals as well as my more lofty ones of investing and building businesses!

What are your 2019 ambitions?

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