It's Always Going!

in longgame •  17 days ago

So much is always happening when it comes to the Steem blockchain.

Everyday there is a great new development of some kind that is both exciting and entirely new.

There is always something to follow here on the Steem blockchain!

Here are a few of the latest things that have me excited:

  1. Steem Keychain and Engine
  2. Actifit Ambassadors
  3. Steem Alliance

The Steem Engine is something that I want to explore more in-depth. I heard recently that there is an official announcement coming in about 2 weeks, so when that drops we will hopefully have more info on it.

Steem Engine will bring us smart contracts and tokens to the Steem blockchain. This is going to make a profound impact on all existing and future apps built here on Steem.

I'm excited to see all the use cases that people come up with!

Actifit Ambassadors is a new thing that the actifit app is doing with 2 athletes.

I'm excited because ambassador programs that bring in outside attention to the Steem blockchain is exactly what we need to make this place flourish!

The Steem Alliance is continuing to take shape each day. This will solve a major issue that we currently have on the Steem blockchain which is too much centralization in the hands of Steemit, Inc.!

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