Shanghai Sunset


On visiting Shanghai, especially in winter time, there is a good chance you will get smog. On this particular day, the smog was quite bad although the sky did change to an orange like colour at sunset. I decided to go for a different look by manually changing the in-camera white balance to 4000 Kelvin and also changing the tint a little bit more to the red (pink) side.

This is my entry on the #longexposurephotography weekly photo challenge.

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This shot is so eerily beautiful. It's as if time moved on, but he essence of the city wanted to linger a bit longer. Thanks for posting.


Very poetic words, even I see the photo in a new light now! thank you

wow! perfect work again.
I like your color scheme. very successful exposure and shooting settings.
composition is a wonderful companion.
the mobility in the water is very good! appropriate shot at appropriate time. congratulations


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I sent a small gift to this photo because the vote power is low :)


Thank you for the lovely words and the special gift!

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
Nice, you got a 55.0% @jeannart upgoat, thanks to @artizm
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I was like first like long exposure but then I noticed the ship. Great capture!


Yip, not that long, but think it qualifies :)

The smog makes this look even better!


Thank you, the custom white balance did the trick

How do I look like a sunrise?


This is the sunset, the sun is setting to the right of the photo but I did not include the sun in the photo. I actually have a wider view photo with the sun in the photo, but I like this one more.

Tough conditions but you did pull it out! I like the mood!

It has a mystical look about it!

You really did a great job capturing photo ..keep it up ..