London CryptoCurrency Show. We Were There! Look What We Did..

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The team was at the London Cryptocurrency Show held on the 14th of April, 2018. We joined many other Steem projects to promote the Steem blockchain and all it has to offer.

Days leading up to the event

We arrived in London on the 12th and spent the day talking and getting to know each other. The team consisted of our CEO @elear, our CMO @techslut and our Lead Developer @wehmoen.

our CEO @elear and Lead Developer @wehmoen in London

The next day was spent discussing matters and how to improve the platform. We also took some time to go around London seeing places.

The main event

The show was held on Saturday, 14th of April and from 9AM speakers talked about the Steem blockchain and pitched many amazing Steem projects to the audience. @wehmoen recorded the presentations and you can find the video here.

After the presentations, people visited stands for the various cryptocurrency projects represented at the show. Steem had a beautiful stand showcasing all the wonderful projects we have.

a picture of the #promo-steem stand

We Offered Free/Immediate STEEM Accounts

A lot of people were interested in We collected contact details of more than 20 investors willing to get a Steem account from us.

We discussed and the Steem blockchain in every possible detail. Overall, the event was a great success!

Utopian Biz Cards

We have been given away dozens of business cards, almost 100. We got in touch with project owners, investors, developers, content creators, willing to understand the amazing functionalities of our platform and how they will be able to benefit from it.


New Collaborations On The Horizon!

We met so many amazing Steemians over there and new interesting collaborations just started right away.


We have invited @Roxane to meet us at the event. @Roxane is probably the most active Steemian in the French community. She is just great. She has wonderful social skills and experience in on-boarding new users to the platform. That's the reason why we proposed to @roxane to become one of our core members!

@Roxane will take care of on-boarding new project owners in by fully managing the process, from the lead acquisition, guidance and on-going support.


We have been discussing with @Starkerz how our projects could collaborate and came up with some exciting ideas. is willing to offer to @Promo-Steem the possibility to create accounts right away through us.

The Guys From @Promo-Steem

We can't thank enough these guys for how helpful they are and for how well they have organised the entire event. Their work was just amazing!

We do really want to support @promo-steem and that's the reason why @anarcotech just got one of the very rare Utopian 100% upvote on this informative post about the London Crypto Currency Show.

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Hi @elear,

Usually, I watch and don't say a thing, but here I can't resist and must stop hiding in the shade, for the sake of fairness. Enough is enough.

What you (and actually many, for some reason) said towards the French community is not very accurate. It is in particular very un-nice for the dozen of other people working hard for making this community happening. Just to make it clear, I don't say roxane did not do anything, but the French community is where it is today thanks to the work of many others (who prefer acting than speaking, especially today) and they have by far not done less than her.

PS: and to lift any potential source of confusion: I have never spoken about myself!


I can read and understand very limited French language, but sure I believe in this smart French nation and it’s capable people in many aspects blockchain and Steemit is sure to be included.
Respect ✊


Hello @lemouth I honestly don t understand this comment much because the intention was just to remark "she is doing and has been doing a great job". I never meant to exclude anyone or worst, to say others are not doing enough. I have little clue of the french community because unfortunately I don t speak french, but my personal feeling and understanding was @roxane always made her best in on-boarding new people in your community and outside. I am glad there are super active and collaborative people in the french community and that's totally cool if there are atm members who are more active than @roxane is. The intention here was just to remark how good we think she is, not offending anyone else.


Just to make it clear, roxane did a lot for the French community. I don't want to minimize her contribution. My only point is that she is not the only one who worked, and a few others did a lot of things too. These few others also give a lot from themselves for the #fr community.

Now, I know at least 3 people who are feeling offended by this very single sentence (the one transisto is pointing out), which is why I decided to speak up.

Whilst I mentally missed the 'probably' when I read this post yesterday, I think that even with this 'probably', the way it is phrased can offend those who are giving dozens of hours every week for the French community. Most of them work like hell but far from the spotlights. I really think this should have been phrased differently.

PS: Everything I said here, I already said it to roxane a few weeks ago (through a comment to her own message). I am also always happy to discuss it (here, there or possibly on the steem chat or discord ).

PS2: this being said, congrats to her for her new position with you guys,


@lemouth I am sorry for that but here was just a matter of words, really. Let me know how we can help the french community. We are more than happy to give our support


Thanks for the opportunity. Are you on discord or the steem chat? I can't find you. My username is the same (LeMouth on the chat and lemouth on discord).


What's the fuss about?

@Roxane is probably the most active Steemian in the French community. She is just great.

Was it edited?


I have nothing against her, but I find it a bit sad for all the others who work hard. That's it. (I will write a longer comment below).

Guys, having you at the show was amazing. Just truly astonishing. I'm so grateful to you for your support, and I'm over the moon to be the recipient of one of the rare 100% upvotes. It will go a very long way to help us to cover the costs for the show, and for that I am deeply humbled and in gratitude to you guys.

And the offer to help us to onboard new I have to say that is truly amazing, and will be a great benefit to the community. We will be in touch very soon to get it done.

@elear, you are a visionary and a great leader....and one who is not averse to getting stuck in with everyone else. You're a shining example to the community.

@wehmoen, you're one clever dude, and funny as fuck to boot. I very much enjoyed your company.

@techslut, you're my favourite ever little pink ball of insanity. Thank you for the brilliant gifts. Although I still really would like some heavy artillery, if you could manage it....?

To the whole community, having met these guys, I can absolutely tell you that they are one serious team of people, utterly dedicated to the success of open source projects, and the STEEM blockchain.

Cheers guys. Much love.


Was so great to return from comparing the main stage to see @elear in the middle of the #promo-steem stand surrounded by new users and investors learning from him about steem and utopian! Was also great to watch @techslut’s presentation, she came across very professionally and nailed it! @wehmoen was incredibly knowledgeable and just gets it very quickly, we had some great value creation chats with him. To top it all off they were the last ones at the bar, from what I remember any way! Hope to do it all again some time soon. The potential collaborating with our @steem-ambassador’s on sign ups is incredibly interesting and is something we look forward to discussing and developing a system with your team in the near future!! And congrats to @roxane, she has so much ambition for the community, I hope she manages to achieve it at @utopian-io




My upvote for you too @anarcotech


Thanks so much for your nice words! We all do our best and we are gonna see wonderful things from this hard work!

It was great to meet you guys. @techslut did a great job on the presentation. Keep up the good work.


Was really great to be there with you @steevc! Hopefully one of the many chances we will have!

It was enjoyable to watch the even live. Thanks for that @wehmoen , and thanks to all Utopian that were present there to spread the word about the project.

20 new people is great success if they did not know about Steem and Utopian.


And we are still growing :)

Very interesting, I will spend more time to know about this project.

I was waiting for updated of this show from your side because most of the performers already posted their experience of crypto show in London, it would be great if you also include the video of your presentation that you guys performed on that cryto show because many of us wants to see that how perfectly you guys represent @utopian-io and steemit as a platform.


Thanks @thecryptotrader. Partially the video is included in the post. We will do some post production work and provide the hq one!


@ashtv will issue the high quality version soon


Thanks for informing


Hey and it's @thecrytotrader not cryptotrader 😅


Wow u r right. Hard to spot the missing p :)


Hahaha that's the thing what makes me unique 😅

Great job my hero steemians. I always thought what would happen if github band crypto dev projects? Sure utopian will be the legal parent 👍🏼

Hey guys, was great chatting to your super-Utopian team, you have such a cool crew ! So diverse and with sense of humor, and of course skill and knowledge. Looking forward to working with your wonderful linguistic project =) One question - you guys filmed a live session at the show, I can't seem to find it, mind pointing in the right direction ?


Was such a nice discovery to find someone who can handle 8 langs. Just WOW! We are definitely going to talk more about that! There is some post production work to do on the video. Should be available in the very next few days!


🙈 Handle is an excellent word to describe it, but thank you! Yes, I look forward to it. Oh right, of course, well we can't wait to see it!

Looks like quite a gathering. I’m really sorry to have missed it.

your post is very interesting to new and
anarcotech (62) did very well to be there. You both guys shared very informative post. keep it up plz.

@tipu upvote this post with 0.2 sbd :)

Lots of collaborations and meet up.. Nice meeting guys.

Thanks to her, it was also enjoyable to watch live @harmony, and thanks to all the Youtube users presenting the project about the project.

Great time for cryptocurrency #massadoptation

good post

It was amazing event :) Looking forward for next one to record vlogs and spread the message about STEEM. @utopian-io if you havent seen it, I have recorded and uploaded your presentation to @dtube and @dlive :)

Amazing event. Great share @utopian-io

It is great, pitching steemit and utopian to new investors and able to gain 20 new users. Awesome news

Great work! Thanks for this post learned many new things. It really helped.

Thanks so much all three of you for your insight on Saturday. It was really really helpful with you guys being on the stand - not only for the registrations but there were a few queries from event delegates that I needed your support with - so much appreciated! Look forward to the next one.......

Am really excited about this event, having watched the video i feel so delighted seeing you guys put so much effort to help advance the platform. Stay awesome guys :)

@utopian-io all great things take time to blossom, choosing Steem is a 1st step in the right direction. Looking forward to more updates from you guys!